Street Outlaws Memphis Season 2 – Street Race Talk Episode 145

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  1. I like how we get to see all the out of town races with Memphis but hopefully they will pick some better groups to race against. The first season I get they needed to win big over everybody so they had some groups that wasn't competitive but this year they need to step up to better groups.

  2. It's a '40 or '41 Plymouth business coupe Twitch. Appropriate it runs a Hemi,, too cool. Google it,, you'll see it's not a '39 and I suspect it's likely not a '42 because they are quite rare and would be worth too much to cut up for a street rod build. There were just over 7,000 Plymouth's built in 1941 for sale as a '42 model but sales of all automobiles were halted in Feb 1942 because WWII needed auto manufacturing dedicated to the war effort.

  3. Great video, you make videos that people enjoy in the street racing world. As always great work. I have to hand it someone that goes to school full time and then do this. Your on your way to stardom kid.

  4. i can hardly wait til Memphis comes back back on , i like that show ….. The 405 went all to crap…..they need to stay at the track where the rest of sponsored big money is … most of the real street racers can't keep up with them

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