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  1. As far as the end game cars Ryan and Shawn showed up with real street cars the others wouldn’t make it 300 miles round trip without jj calling his mom for help

  2. Kye and Lizzy posted a Thanksgiving dinner video and they were out west filming America's List. So what ever drama happened this summer or early fall they are together and racing together by Thanksgiving. So however the show makes it out to be it's all over in real time.

  3. They posted they on vacation in some tropical place. If they where really fighting, they would not go on vacation together.
    I think its TV drama blowing it out of perspective.
    Keep in mind that this fight happened over a month or two ago!
    Memphis filmed in Vegas during NPK break.

  4. When are you going to do a part 2 with Big Chief? He has plenty of time on his hands.
    It would be nice if you could reach out to him and Jackie and make this happen before your back in school.
    Ps: Sim Nation has been patently waiting for this interview and Murder Nova interview. So make it happen Sim. The views will break you view totals!

  5. Memphis faded itself trying to steal fake news wins with their chase is a race garbage rule hustle, which makes racing heads up to find the fastest car totally irrelevant.

  6. Kye my boy..but he went out like a clown…he's never ever ever ever ever..going to beat…Flying Ryan Martin..with a nitrous setup…as a matter of fact Ryan let them have #1 and #2 just so they could get a little taste of how he feels every race…then took it back..#1….I recall when he first got to 405 they talked mad shit about especially Daddy Dave and now he Dave Daddy…Kye went out the backdoor bro…smh

  7. Hell Kye can't beat Eric a matter of fact he kick Kye ass when he wrecked the Vette and gapped him so bad he still won sliding down the wall…smh..and further he has beaten every 405 car that he's raced a pretty much everyone else…Kaos is coming

  8. JJ on NPK?
    His schtick (poor ol' country folks….)
    does not fit there. At all. His booked in deals at small facilities is his game.
    He definetly plays the "get in where you fit in" card well.

  9. Street outlaws was a show based around and about street racing and a few that were racers. Now it’s a show based on characters that just happen to be racers

  10. Where do you get this information that you know good and well that JJ is not gonna turn down an opportunity to make a lot of money he is not leaving. Unless it’s something to do with all the rules.

  11. WHY ARE PEOPLE HATING ON JJ? He's a charismatic old school racer that is King 👑 of the streets right now. We all know that Memphis is the real deal and treat fans really well. JJ and Tricia are always out there giving one hundred percent effort in making racing cool and treating fans great 👍 like the cool people they are, especially during his Arm Drop racing when he lets the fans do wheelies with him in Ole Heavy. Everyone who's been around JJ and Tricia have nothing but positive things to say about them. Anyone who disagrees should go inward in introspection about oneself.

  12. Yea really can’t believe Kye acted like that and the rest of them to and Lizzie getting upset over it she has her own race to race because yea they might come together as teammates and call it Nola but its not teamed owned iKye don’t own her car just like the rest they all have their own cars and sponsors I could maybe understand somewhat it if Kye owned all of Nolas cars yea still would race but maybe not as hard and unless your tore up no one should ever lay down a race period if you would give a race up don’t race them just let em have it it’s no different

  13. I like JJ & Trish but he’s too shady for me and I can’t stand “chase is a race”. I hope he and the other Memphis drivers can still find there way onto other shows but I’m ok with this news.

  14. I get a kick out of all these couch potatoes cry about JJ who has proved to be a true street racer and has kicked all asses. Most comments on here are made by fools with no car and lives in mom's basement.

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