@LizzyMusiRacing and @KyeKelleyRacing discuss Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings


  1. God bless Lizzy , stay strong and safe . I will pray for your health . Your attitude is great to see , so strong keep it up. Best of luck for you and Kye . We're praying for you from Covington, GA.

  2. I knew it jj a frickin cheat every time thy get beat somethin is messed up in it kye straight whooped jj on that last one n no cameras at all workin yeah right!!! Good kye don’t go back!!

  3. I met Lizzy's mom last year at NPK. Our household is divided. My husband is for Kye and I've always been team Lizzy! I'll be at NPK in NC again in October I want nothing more than to hug Lizzy! Prayers sweet lady! You have got this!❤❤❤

  4. I posted something on JJ's wall the other day asking when he's going to come to no prep Kings and there was a comment saying that's why he's showing off his cars and getting up this money so he can go to no prep Kings this year or

  5. And it would be cooler Street outlaws could do a live so they can be shutting down roads or all this other bullshit cuz if you have to cheat to win that's messed up

  6. One thing I will say is everybody comes to fastest in America but why won't Memphis JJ the boss go to other people's advance or races they always have to come on his show for his race

  7. It gives me hope seeing lizzy this positive she couldve givin up but shes staying strong and thats amazing i hope she beats it and lives a long happy life

  8. I have had cancer twice this last time was ten years ago they didn't think i would make it….but Jesus had a plan …so don't give up and do what ever treatment they want u on … And don't stop living ….do your life.

  9. Lizza, really proud of you! My Mom did just like you, she got very sassy about it. And never gave up, and she faught it and never gave up. She said, she had to many counting her, my Dad and all her grandbabies. You and Kye are my heroes!

  10. Lizzy…you got this your a strong positive girl keep that mind set your going to beat this girl..your in my prayers 🙏🏻💖💐

  11. Ms. Lizzy & Kyle, you both need the Lord in your life, you both, your families lives have changed, the Lord will get you through this no matter what direction your illness takes y'all. Please think about this!!!

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