Kayla Morton discusses Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings


  1. If u get on a team u don't wanna be on just suck for the first 3 races and get booted so another team can pick you up.😅

  2. I have to admit when Kayla first appeared on Street Outlaws I wasn't a fan of her, but she has really matured. She's a fantastic racer, a great roll model for young girls, a great momma, a darn good mechanic and obviously appreciates her dad so much. I am now a super big fan of hers, she's my favorite female racer. She has a lot going for her and I hope she does well this. Thank you Stat Guy for having her on the show. You appeared to enjoy doing this interview and I was very impressed with her answers to your questions. Great interview 👍

  3. Either the show portrays her horribly, or she just comes off better here. But either way, I've never been a fan of hers but now I think she seems pretty damn cool 🙏

  4. Great show Stat Guy! Like I've said before, people will either like a racer more or less after these interviews. Kayla started of horrible saying she wants to be the one person everyone hates to draw. She's got a long way to go to take that crown from Ryan. She did settle down with her goals, though. Trying to win 1 more race than last year is a LOT more realistic! Again, great show!

  5. Kayla I was at that race you one in Arizona I told everyone at the race you were were going to to win that invitational I bet on you the whole race I won all my money on you I've watched you grow in your racing career ❤ you girls.

  6. You are amazing Stat guy your interviews are non biased and professional. You also get all the outlaws and not just pick and choose which is awesome. Keep up the good work we all appreciate it and I subscribed and turned on the bell because of your good content.

  7. Hearing Kayla talk about her Daddy is amazing. As a dad i can only hope my kinds look at me the way she looks at her dad

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