Street Outlaws Is Headed To the Land Down Unda! Getting The OG Murder Nova Ready To Ship!

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Street Outlaws is headed to the land down under! Getting the OG Murder Nova ready to ship!

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  1. Just an FYI…when you get a sore throat or something like you have now….instead of buying halls or any caugh drops you should buy a caugh drop with pectin in them. Read the label and or ingredients. It should say on the front of the bag. Here I get them at my local giant food store and they’re called fruit soothers. But trust me they work . I’ve tried everything on the shelf. And for those who aren’t sick yet should take plenty of vitamins period. Also before you go to bed go to a liquor store and buy a bottle of jaquins rock and rye and add a shot or a double shot to a cup of hot tea. Drink a cup or 2 like that and you will be surprised how good you feel in the morning. Also no milk or creamer in the hot tea with the rock and rye because it will not mix. Good luck and good luck in Australia

  2. From the streets of Oklahoma to the Land down under!!! Absolutely amazing.. I was at the 1st race in Memphis when y'all came … To see where you are now is a blessing. Be safe and kick some azz.. MuchLoveFromMemphis

  3. Man I hope all goes well with the trip down under. And hopefully the trip back goes good as well. Good luck and remember to have fun. Y'all Deserve that much. Can't wait to watch the videos and the new show.

  4. Reaper told everybody last week that the street outlaws ware going to Australia, well at least everybody but him because he said he just got back in, and he wasn't going to leave…..

  5. I live in perth australia and cant wait to meet youse guy’s when you land at the end of February. Im sure it will be safe sailing and land in fremantle ports in good condition. Best of luck and cant wait to meet ya 🦘🇦🇺🌏

  6. That you are traveling to other countries now you guys can probably say I got the fastest street car in the world not just the United States cuz I don't like it when people say I got the fastest car in the world we didn't race the world just the United States to Big UPS man hopefully everybody else will follow you guys are a great team I love all the sides stuff you guys do too

  7. It has to cross the ocean not just once but frikn twice! Talk about gut wrenching i really hope nothing happens to that car! Car is the most original car on the show. Actually my favorite car out of all the original ones aside from the crow but still my #1 favorite.

  8. Should have bagged everything that wasn't stainless or painted and sprayed sealer on it what u couldn't those containers aren't sealed the greatest there will be salt that gets in from the air . I deal with container from over seas regularly

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