Street Outlaws Is Going ALL SMALL TIRE – Street Race Talk Episode 335

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  1. Chief has always excelled at reading a surface.
    Two parachutes will stop you pdq.
    "Small tire" is hot right now.
    Every week there are shootouts all over. Get in where you fit in.
    Hard tire.
    Daily driver.
    Slick tire.
    Limited 235.
    Great time to be alive if you have ever thought you wanted to race.

  2. I stopped watching All Fake Street Outlaws. So I Only watch Real Street Outlaws the 405 show and NPK now. And I’ll stop watching them when they become Fake. Jumping cheating chase is a race bull crap makes it FAKE no matter what any liar claims and No liar can disprove this Ever. You either agree or you are a irrelevant liar no matter what and there is absolutely nothing anybody can do to change that.

  3. Love the channel SIM!!! I do disagree with you on 1 thing, an I think when you think about it. You might agree with me. When chief won that npk event, I'm pretty sure the cars are running alot faster now, then they did we he won it. It's not a knock on Chief at all, he just cant run with them these days at npk. An it seems he isnt keeping up with the tv show as well. If chief updates his chassis, then he definitely has a chance to run with them again. If that is something he even wants to do. I think he is happy doing what hes doing now, so doubt that would happen anytime in the near future. Especially since he wont be on the show moving forward. Again love the channel bro, an you kill it sim, TTVE!!! For the win!!!

  4. No chief on new show so I'm not watching! They can build all the small tire cars they want too so no chief not watching . That's me tho . 💯

  5. Its not a surprise going small tire after last 405 show was a joke race with Chicago. And plus Reaper said in video he maid about Big Chief he and Ryan wanted to but big Chief

  6. It makes sense that they would use small tire cars if they filming in July. Half of the 405 racers only have 1 car and people racing NPK probably would skip filming a street show so they don’t have to mess up their track setup for a month.
    Also, I’d bet it’s much cheaper production from an insurance standpoint because the street-driven small-tire cars are slower and “safer”. That’s a win for Pilgrim.

  7. What it is though cuz he'll still have fans but he ain't going to draw the average street outlaw fans the average TV show fan isn't going to care what he's doing

  8. I wonder what is going to happen with Chief doing all these legit no prep, street stuff. Is big tire going to become more popular again with dudes wanting to show up and run Chief? I would find it absolutely hilarious if the 405 changes their show to stay up with the current times only to have big tire make a comeback with people head hunting Chief.

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