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  1. /not an expert, but…/ Just because you sign a waiver, or "accept the consequences" of what you're entering into when you get into a "street race", that doesn't mean there isn't a level of responsibility to be taken on by the producers of such an event — which is why they have insurance. For example, you can't just sign a waiver to allow someone to cook and eat you (!), the person doing the cooking and eating is not absolved of all responsibility just because of a signed waiver! If the insurance provider disagrees about the basis for a claim against them, that's why we have courts. Criminality is another "kettle of fish", and again that's for a court to decide if there was additional liability. I agree, doesn't look great for Street Outlaws, they may have to reconsider the viability of the concept.

  2. Hey sim I don't think the show should be at fault we ad racers know the risks we take when we start in them cars I mean it's quite unfortunate that happened but I'm pretty sure they all signed some sort of contract and or waiver. As always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve đź’Ş đź’Ż

  3. As JJ says " Every time you buckle in that car , might be the night you Die " That accident was Tragic and a loss of human life by accident is always incredibly sad . But , he knew the risks , just like all the drivers do . Sueing isn't going to bring him back . My family would be grateful I died doing something I loved .

  4. That's bullshit nobody should get sued in this situation he know the risk he ran the road he did something he shouldn't have done and it sucks that the man died it does it really really does but your family should not be able to come back and Sue for this people like this make me sick

  5. There just money hungry but like you said they sign a waver which protects street outlaws. Don't get me wrongbit sucks that he died but it was his choice to race they did not make him race he did it on his own ..

  6. Hello Sim, you know the biggest problem street outlaws has is it's an illegal street race. That means people will want to do the same thing no matter what they say. My brothers and I were involved for years until they hit the track, which is where we stayed. On street outlaws, the race is run as safely as possible, but most do it like my friend did and die. It was just a matter of time before this happened. NPK is the replacement. Having said that. I love the new show. Real cars and trucks most people can build at home.

  7. Of course, the family is going to file a lawsuit. They have that right, but with the signed wavers to protect the company they will not be able to actually get very far, even with the best of counsel. Although this is a seriously black mark on the Show and could eventually be known as the reason for certain shows to be canceled. Yet we, the OG 405 fans know the real reasons for that show to now suck. Like JJ says in the intro "Street Racing Will Get You Killed QUICK". Even in the slow ass daily drivers that the 405 are currently so proud of.

  8. Yea it’s sad but you know the risk whether your racing are bystanders even in NASCAR it’s a risk few spectators has been killed even on Saturday night short tracks dirt and asphalt

  9. He was a racer. If he didn't like the street or feel uncomfortable, he could have not raced. I'm not trying to be cold towards the racer but he wasn't forced to race. He street raced he knows the danger of racing.

  10. I think the family will get a settlement, they won’t show that season of the snow on TV and that will be it… everything will go on like normal

  11. Sad for what happened but I've raced with him quite a few times and this is not what he would have wanted I'm guessing and I guarantee he signed a release like everyone there does or he wouldn't even have been able to be on the show making passes.. racers die it's a sad part of the sport we love.. you don't get to blame the show because somebody you loved died doing what they wanted to do…. Some people have such a flawed way of thinking just looking for the easy way to often

  12. Sim a outlaw street racer being filmed by Discovery must sight a waver/contract that outlines the danger of the filmed event ! I feel for the family this is so sad ! every racer knows the risks of there passion ! Sim slow down a bit on this one ! Street Outlaws will continue !! also your blogs are always the BEST !

  13. I'm calling bs, dont know for a fact but I'm betting waiver are signed for them to not be liable when something like this happens. Idk what they would sue, that guy was doing what he loved and 110% wanted to be there and knew the risk.

  14. Doesnt matter if a waiver was signed. The production company takes on a level of responsibility when they get the permits and when they arrange the safety teams being there. If they have at any point paid any racers medical bills or anything that is them admitting some respinsibility for what happened. I dont agree with it but thats business.

  15. Nothing worth repeating about how horrible the driver getting killed was. That said… the drivers are all part of SAG and as such they would be required to sign what’s called “A Hold Harmless Agreement” which waives their right to sue the deepest pockets for negligence, which in this case is the production company and Discovery. Otherwise there would be no way to do the show. Being sure sounds a helluva lot more ominous than it can be and further, if the judge were to deem the suit “frivolous” the Plaintiffs can be held responsible for the legal fees of the party being sued.

  16. And one more there are more Scumbag ambulance chasing lawyers than you can imagine that would file the suit for a standard 40% split of any proceeds that potentially could come their way. On the other hand… they can still be held responsible and forced to pay the legal fees of Discovery…and that will be well over $1m+ assuming Discovery has legitimate corporate counsel worthy of a fight.
    From my perspective the biggest risk from the suit lies squarely on the Plaintiff’s.

  17. You know it was a shame that happened but then people just like everybody else knows what happened every time you get in the car will you go on 170 or 20 mi an hour they sign the waiver to race they have to

  18. They're going to have to find an abandoned Street long enough straighten up flat enough to race on there's no cross-sections and anything else coming in and they did it here in louiville it took him awhile but they did it the internet racing the cars in front of old tobacco and distillery they were like a half-mile long driveways

  19. It is truly sad to have someone pass like that but it's really truly awful to have a family that is going to try and make bank over it , every driver and crew knew the risk but it just goes to show how sorry and lazy that some people are to try and take life changing money because they seen a way of tryin to get free money

  20. with our country going sooo far left ,yes they will sue and yes they will settle it the way this county works .Will it end SOL NO!!!! the show is profitable for discovery or who ever is behind it. Yes release of limit of liability will help but YES anyone can sue for almost anything no matter how the viewer see it…

  21. I thing will come from it, possibly some changes to the contract. It’s like if someone died during any other filming or competition on TV. Not worried about it.

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