Street Outlaws FIRST 1/4 MILE Races.. Easy 5 second passes?

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This year at Import vs Domestic – World Cup Finals, we were graced with seeing a few of the Street Outlaws make some quarter mile passes in cars that have previously never done so. Much anticipated was seeing John Odom in his 5,000hp “GTR”, who was there to prove to haters that a 5 second pass and 230mph was no problem for the car.

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  1. Wtf is the point of starting with a 100k car. Only to strip it completely out and put a cookie cutter alcohol hemi on it?

    He could of achieved the same exact thing with literally any other body. Like an 80s g body or 90s F body. And saved himself a ton of money and grief.

    That’s about as much of a GTR as I am Oprah Winfrey.

    No GTR owner is going to recognize that thing as the “fastest gtr” in the world. Ever.

  2. O, cool, you have a raped GTR body… is it AWD? Because no GTR in history was sold as a 2WD. Easy as that. That's what you call a GTR PRO MOD guy

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