Street Outlaws Down Under. Traveling to Australia to race our cars

Street Outlaws Down Under. Making our way to Australia to race, including a grueling 16 hour straight flight. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. Hope y'all enjoy your time while you are there. If y'all need bottles filled there's a facility not fare from were y'all are racing and the price isn't bad look around for prices cuz they get stupid for nitrous out there.

  2. just go really really fast.. 😆 🤣 it's simple .. 😆 🤣.. on a serious note, be safe 1st & come home with just as many digits as you left with..thanks for entertaining us & putting yourselves on the line for us fans..good luck & God Bless

  3. dam better win must of cost alot just shipping the cars there iwant to see elizzzzzzzzzzabeth fight a kangarooo order the kangaroo hamburger there

  4. Seem like you did a lot more lot of flying on a plane there Kelly. I was the climate there the weather? It was very good photo shoot from the plane.

  5. 17 hours ain’t so bad, my record for travel is 56 hours to get from my hotel in Usan Korea to Virginia 🤣🤣✈️🛫🛬 i love how lizzy was refreshed and cheery and everyone else was dragging a** cause they rode in coach. I only got bumped up to first class a couple times from Asia, but it was worth it every time 🤣🤣👍🏻🙌🏼👊🏼

  6. Welcome to Australia guys. Unfortunately I'm working when you're in Sydney and I can't make it to Brisbane so I'm going to miss seeing you guys. I really hope you guys come back next year.

  7. Is Ryan Martin going to bust your ass down under to? Lol 😂 did anyone else notice lizzy pushing that buggy 🧳🧳👜💼👛👜💼💼👜👛🧳💼👜and kye was carrying a MT dew or something. He’s got it figured out! Smart man right there! Lucky 💩 Yea I’m older than you I can say that. Lol

    Good luck have fun! 🤘

  8. Hey Kye… I Think Someone Needs To Explain The “For Better… Or For Worse” Part To Skizzie.

    Especially Since We’ve Heard That You’re The One Replying To Skizez Dick Pics On Her “ONLY FANS” Page.

    Hell, Only One More TrickN’John… And Your 1st Class Would Have Been Paid For..!!

    I Think It Tells You A Lot When She Opted To Be Seated Separately From You…

    No Matter How You Look At It… She Should Have Either Paid For Your 1st Class Fare Or Have Forgone It Herself And Traveled By Your Side.

    She Definitely Gained “No Fans” With The Racing Community, w/That Selfish Display…

    I’d Say, Too Many More Of Those Moves… She’d Better Be Marketing Her “ONLY FANS” Page “HOTTN’HEAVY”.


  9. Only a few minutes of lizzy. I'm out. The only reason people tune into Kye Kelly "whines about the rules" channel is to see Lizzy. No wonder this fool does not have more subs. Learn your place Kye.

  10. I'm happy you guys are still together! Stay strong because sometimes family can be a big thorn in a relationship!! You guys truly make a cute couple!!!

  11. Thank you for 2 days of great racing, here at Willowbank, thank you for your generosity with your fan interaction, you guys are real gentlemen and can show our V8 Supercar drivers a thing or 2 about fan interaction. You are all welcome back, enjoy your time here in the Land Downunder

  12. For a while i was a Interstate truck driver, getting home a few days a month max. When i flew Melbourne to Los Angeles it was like a few movies some dinner and i was there lol. Joe rogan wont come here to commentate UFC fights because he said the flights insanely long hahahahahaha sooky la la, then you have champs like you bringing an entire drag car setup all the way downunder. All the best and cheers for coming here, ill see you from the sidelines at calder park on the 17th and 19th.

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