Street Outlaws Dominator New Car – Street Race Talk Episode 181

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  1. Drive to Kroger once week BBChevy stroker, dual stage3 NOS, 12.5 to 1 compression, 2750 lb 78 Corvette. Last hot rod old school 66 yrs old and just something to mess with young Demon guys ego! Almost forgot Mickey Thompson dot 28×12.5×15 slicks go good with my handicap tag! Keep up great video of real world street cars. Love all muscle cars!

  2. If Street Outlaws would start showing more small tire racing, i think it would revive the show, small tire racing is hot right now, and a lot of the small tire cars are way more relatable to the average guy like you were talking about, hell, Chief and Shawn and a lot of the street outlaw guys have been showing up and racing at the small tire races that have been happening

  3. I love true every day drivers. I drive my van 50+ miles to the track and have driven it over 200 miles a few times I raced in San Diego. I'm hoping that they will have a drag week near California. I will run the van. I like how your doing other projects on your videos. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey bud love the channel and your car .im a mopar guy also. I have a 1971 duster and a 64 rambler american 440 im building to race. Keep up the good work.

  5. I feel like dom would need a big sponsor to get a new car. How many times have we seen in the show that he talks about a part and says if we ruin this were done because of no money to replace what damage was done to the motor. I know I've heard it a few times

  6. Sim, this is meant as constructive only. What Ford and Carroll Shelby built to dominate Ferrari was the "GT 40." The remakes are known as the "Ford GT" solely because someone else now owns the rights to the "GT 40" name. Again, this is meant as constructive only. Somehow, I don't think you'll mind, though, as you obviously care about being factually correct; and thank you for that.

  7. A daily drivers list would be great. With a requirement that the car has to be street legal, tagged with full interior. It is ok to trailer to the race but it should be able to drive on the street and set in traffic without over heating. Keep up the good work, and the videos coming.

  8. One episode in hos garage there was an old Chevy or buick can't really remember but he used to street race with it back in the day

  9. Yes Sim I am one of the guys just speak into their phone so here I go Detroit yeah they should have a good selection of cars and movies love O'Connor movies a good one for you to watch over the summer is a old one called Aloha Bobby and Rose and another one is called two-lane Blacktop and another one with some cool cars and trucks and motorcycles is Big Hoss and little Halsey those are good movies check them out and Dominator he should just put a Hemi in the dark that's all for me from Vancouver Canada keep up the good shows

  10. For anyone excited for the new movie coming out FORD Vs FERRARI. I highly recommend watching the documentary movie about the whole rivalry 1st. It's called THE 24 HOUR WAR. It's a great insight into how competitive it was between both manufacturers

  11. Slim Joe wood is a very good fabricator and a welder there's nothing Joe can't do. Movies people forget the California kid is a good one with Charley sheen. and Ron Howards eat my dust, got to love the dukes too, return to Makin country with nick Nolte and that yellow 57 chevy, two lane blacktop is one of my favorites and remember that same 55 chevy is the same one that Harrison Ford drove in American graffiti

  12. Street racing is following the same path as bracket racing. It's just getting more complicated and harder for the average guy to do. I would like to see the turbos, nitrous and fuel injection go away and go back to carburetors and basic cars. Tune the car by changing jets and timing, etc. Not using a LAP TOP!!!!  Boring!!!

  13. Brian “Chucks” Davis not Johnnie Quick can’t even go rounds in No Prep Kings and couldn’t get it done at JJs $100000 Race this past Sunday night. So NO these two aren’t even in the ball park with the 405!! But I agree they are cars people can actually afford to build. But I think Street outlaws needs to get back to more obtainable cars and racing 💯 I’m FORD TO THE CORE, & I’d 10 to 1 rather have a Ford GT40 or Pantera over a Ferrari any day💯 Ford & Shelby were and are the Kings of Road racing.💯 Dominator has a 57 or a 55 Chevy he’s building, it’s all over the internet just go look it up.

  14. I think there is a pretty recent drag race movie about The Snake & Mongoose I haven't seen it but I've been meaning to anyways hope you get Betsy going soon I remember kinda going thru the same thing when I was your age it was a 76 Pontiac Grand Prix

  15. Duuuuude. I can not wait to see the new Ford vs Ferrari (lemans) film. That's gonna be badass. I think dominator is gonna build that belair he has in the garage. I would love that because that's my favorite classic of all time 💪🤜🤛

  16. I think it's awesome to see a young man like this that is so into racing and cars because most young guys now days do not give a rats ass about cars or racing and couldn't even check their oil or change a tire if their life depended on it. Congratulations to you young man for being so interested in racing and cars your dad should be proud of the young man that he has created!!!

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