Street Outlaws Doc’s WICKED NEW NPK NOVA – No Prep News Episode 126

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  1. This blown nova was called the Viking, it was on season 3 of fastest in America doc has bought it and changed the name to heavy metal, the car kamikaze drove is a completely different nova. He has said the new monte will be finished next year

  2. Hey sim I'm pretty sure shawn will run the new ( Shiny ) murder nova at npk especially with the weight break that there getting and like you said the mat ( procharged ) og is for the streets. Now fyi but in npk Ryan was running his car 100 to 150 pounds over weight already so basically he's at the new weight to begin with give or take 50 pounds and Justin was 100 more then Ryan so he might feel the weight more the Ryan just wanted to put that out there 😉. As far as doc idk but didn't he say the reason for the Monti not being able to be completed cause he didn't have the funds to do so ? Then he puts the stunt double in the shop to get some Chassis work and other stuff done then he turns around and buys this new car that Kamikaze drove and did ok with it but he struggled with it so idk but I wish doc the best hopefully he gets that thing rolling. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. The car is not the same car that kamikaze ran in no prep Kings Doc car is built by someone in Sweden the car the kamikaze ran was a black Nova the Viking is a white nova it ran in this season of America’s list

  4. Wow dude you're usually spot on with things, not this time though. Kamikaze's "Donco" Nova and Adam Flamholc's Viking Nova are completely different cars. Completely different years also, I believe the Donco was a '68 and the Viking is originally a '73 spirit of america Nova. It's since had an earlier year front clip added, but you can still tell from the hatchback & tail lights. Not the same cars at all, and the Viking (which is now Doc's "heavy metal") is a much higher quality serious contender type build. But most positively, two completely different cars.

  5. Your excitement and enjoyment in your posts, just puts a smile on my face! I so look forward to your posts to see this. Keep up the GREAT work and Thanks!!!

  6. I think they should let Larry Larson bring the truck back to NPK and I believe it would be good for the series because a lot of fans like watching that truck,, including myself…. Also I can't wait to see Robin Robert's new car, which is supposed to be a Camaro and it should be extremely competitive, with him and his normal crew doing all the tuning….

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you watch carefully on the 405 show, even with the Chicago race, doc was present the whole time. Doc has been with the 405 for all the street racing going on. He will be back to street race at some point.

  8. To add to your comment about Shawn if he wins a npk race this season. I remember Shawn said awhile back if he wins a race he would prolly cry. Which I couldn't blame him, after all the hardships an mistakes, bad luck etc. I honestly hope it happens for them atleast once this season.

  9. I hope Doc gets a handle on the new car and engine combo. Murder Nova needs to work on parts failure. Always a threat. The car Doc bought the Viking car from some guy that is from Europe.

  10. We saw the viking last year. Definitely not the same car as the one Kamikaze had. But that viking is bad to the bone !!!

  11. After knowing new weight rules for this NPK season, I doubt my opinion about 187 Customs will switch Motor of NPK Murder Nova to procharged 🤔 . TTVE 👍

  12. Great video Sim. Boosted ego has been single turbo since season 3 of npk. I am excited to see what doc does with the new nova. He made the changes to stunt double for ot to go to the streets. I really do hope he does bring out the new Monte Carlo to npk and if he does have major success with this setup he does put it on the new car. See you latter have a great week

  13. NO SIM Kamikaze drove the Donco Nova Adam Flamholc built and drove this car at a few events and this is his main car this is an expensive car. This car will be for NPK and doc is building the Monte Carlo for the list. The nova is for the NPK list and it looks like his car it’s got blue on it and he made it Docs car. He is going to be back on the street before you know it. I promise

    No street stuff is on the back burner. NPK is a way to win $120,000 plus. Doc isn’t leaving the streets he will be back.

  14. If sean gets to take a 100lbs out of the twin turbo Nova he will be very competitive. He was very fast in season 4 he just had a little bad luck on things breaking if he can get that under control he will be dangerously fast especially with Steve Petit on the keyboard. I think he will be right there with Ryan Martin season 5 it's going to be an interesting season with all the newer cars and combos and weight breaks I'm so excited to see what happens I think it can be anyone's take.

  15. Your wrong the viking was the car in the future street outlaws The owner was Swedish or something like that. Kamikaze's car was a completely different car. The Viking was painted white and Kamikaze's care was black with a white stripe. Plus the viking had a hatch back Kamikaze's nova was a regular 69 nova.

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