Street Outlaws: Doc's 1970 Monte Carlo racing at Thunder Valley Raceway

This video is of James Love racing his 1970 Monte Carlo at the No Prep race Outlaw Armageddon 2.0 in 2016. James bought this 1970 Monte Carlo back in 2003 and has been doing upgrades non stop to this car to make it compete at a higher level in the street racing world. In the off season of 2015 he had the car go on a diet and gutted every pound possible so it can compete with the light weight ProMod cars that are taking over the No Prep racing world. His Monte Carlo has a 728cid Big Block Chevy motor in it with 18* CFE Big Chief heads, and 4 stages of Nitrous going into the fuel injection. Everytime this Monte Carlo gets an upgrade it comes out looking great. As you can see in the video the car is spotless and has and incredible shine to it. It also is a lot lower this year compared to last year and it does a nice small wheelie when launching. The car is a monster and has a fitting name of “Street Beast” and I can’t wait to see what next year brings for him and the car and to see where he lands on the OKC Top 10 list in the show Street Outlaws.

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