Street Outlaws Doc Big Comeback!!

In this video we have doc who entered his daily driver at the hinton street races in Hinton, Oklahoma. Doc who recently had a bad accident on the street a couple of weeks back, had totaled the street beast. Sore and alittle banged up he shows up in his daily driver which is a procharged monte carlo to try it again. In the interview doc had mentioned the only way back is get on the horse. So he got on the horse and showed out against some fast cars which included a turbo coyote f150. Also, raced an epic race with big rob in his procharged camaro as well. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. With I might add a Monte Carlo AWESOME I have a 79 Monte I don't have the money doc has in his but I getting there and I do drive mine every day

  2. Doc and the rest of the 405 are washed up…over the years they have only …gained weight. The more exciting "Stars of the Street" are from all the other areas of the country…and JJ Da Boss is the REAL Boss of Da Street.

  3. I would love to have my all time favorite car in good shape to fix up like I would want it. And my all time favorite muscles car is a 1966/67 SS 396 = 375 HP with an automatic, preferably a 4 speed automatic. If I had one, no doubt it would have twin turbos or a pro charger!!!! A 375 hp 396 with either, turbo or procharger would absolutely kick ass as a stock engine!!!!

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