Street Outlaw Og s Doc vs Murder Nova!

Street Outlaw no prep kings live event rolled into Tulsa, Oklahoma where we saw a couple of street outlaw ogs. Doc started off on the oklahoma top ten list with his blue monte carlo that was a nitrous setup nicknamed the street beast. The street beast had much success reaching the top spot on the oklahoma top ten list. On the other lane we have an another oklahoma top ten racer in Murder Nova. Murder Nova started off with a black nova with a procharged setup when it hit the top spot on the oklahoma top ten list. With two former number one spot owners going at it in the no prep kings big tire class. Doc is not in his street beast as he had an accident with it but is driving the awesome blown nova nicknamed Heavy metal. Check out doc and murder nova in the video racing and doing a great show for the fans. Also check out our social media platforms at:


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