Street Car Racers BATTLE for CASH (KOTS IX Throwback DVD)

As apart of our annual throwback DVD series, we’re pleased to bring you King of the Streets (KOTS): IX. This one takes us back to June of 2013, where the cars were starting to make some serious power. “KOTS” was the race that sparked the popular “no-prep” style racing we so commonly find in the US today. It’s the race where some of the baddest street cars in the country came together to duke it out for big cash prizes!

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  1. Served that one guy right for trying to burn down the turbo car more tracks/races should implement that kind system it's a shitty way to try and win and if your cars fast you don't need to play those games.

  2. I feel like I need to make my Audi s4 have 500+ hp now… a couple pulleys, heat exchanger, exhaust and a stage 3 tune would do it. Only like 5k or so total to go from 333hp to 525…

  3. I always enjoy watching 1320 videos and I always want to witness the winner …… Thank you for giving us the instant replays at the finish line Keep up with the great videos

  4. This is my hometown drag strip, a couple decades of fun and runs under my belt, I hope this place never closes… so much history.
    Thanks for posting, brought back great memories.

  5. Ha ci seulement vous vous m etier aux 4 roues motrices avec autant de puissance ce serait des TGV voitures après tout ta r8 audi twin turbo c est une 4 wd sur que kc maxxx et 4 roues motrice surment tout un systheme d un truk dodge diesel en changeant les rapport de pond direct une balles 👍🤘

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