Strange Cars at the Drag Strip

Here is a video collection of some strange cars that I have seen over the years at the drag strip. I’m not making fun of any of these vehicles because I respect anyone that puts in the time to get a vehicle out to the track and race it. But sometimes you ask yourself “what were they thinking”? And of course the answer doesn’t matter because obviously that is what the person is into and it is much better to have a variety of vehicles showing up at the track rather than everything the same.
Point in example is the first car that is the Gasser Pontiac Fiero, the owner of this car wanted to pass on his knowledge of fabrication onto his Grandkids and found a cheap platform of a vehicle to start hacking into. And once he was done it might not have been the fastest car at the track but for sure it was the most talked about vehicle there, and nobody would question that once this guy touched that Fiero he obviously made it better. Because I can guarantee you that if a regular Fiero pulled up to the line nobody would give it a second look at all.
Well thank you for watching and sharing my passion with Muscle Cars and Drag Racing. If you would like to see more please click on this playlist and see some other great videos I have to offer on my channel.

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  1. dude…. can we all take minute to admire the fact that pt cruzer wheelied the whole track and did a 12 at 105 on the pack wheel?!?!?!?!?!

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