"Stevie Fast" Jackson Talks Fans, Pro Mod Rules, Trash Talking & No Prep Kings | The Wes Buck Show

Wes talks with doorslammer drag racing’s favorite son “Stevie Fast” Jackson, two-time NHRA Pro Mod world champion and radial racing legend, about his recent trip to Brainerd, Minnesota, for the NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals, controversy surrounding Pro Mod rules right now, parity amongst different power adders, the connection he has with his fans, his ongoing feud with the cast and fans of No Prep Kings and much, much more. #dragracing #steviefast #promod #dragradial #nhra

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  1. Being a no prep fan and a fan of turbos I feel as if I have to automatically dislike Stevie the flash… I'd gotta say you gotta respect someone that tries so hard that they'll CGI a tiger and room full of trophies into their video!🀣

    Honestly- I appreciate all you do (especially Holley tuning vids) so until next time, keep it up mr. Flash🀣 I'll keep watching your content!

  2. Stevie is just the best ambassador for the sport that there ever was and if people think he was knocking NPK they missed the whole point of his funny video.

  3. The NHRA has $hit on street racers, street outlaws, and no prep for decades, why in the hell would anyone with street cred just let some one in who has done nothing but talk $hit about them directly into the big show without following already established rules about racing your way in. just because youre Stevie Fast? nah.

  4. I wish I had more people to share this with and able to give it a few billion πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Always a good day when Mr. Fast speaks his heart!

  5. Wes has a lot of good info and questions, but he needs to back off a bit and let Stevie (and his other guests) talk and finish their thoughts. Constructive criticism – I think it would make Wes a better interviewer, and make for a much better show. Just my two cents. Compare early Joe Rogan podcasts to today…he used to do the same thing, but he learned to listen better and make sure his guests were able to get everything out, and I think that's the main reason Joe has such great podcasts now. Take note Wes…please.

  6. Thanks for more great content. Hemi with prochargers are winning no prep.
    The no prep favorites from the tv show probably don't want Stevie there.
    He wasn't bashing npk. He is always pro motorsports on every level.

  7. NHRA has totally screwed up drag racing because of the way the treat sportsman racers never mind the fact that they impose safety rules for totally freak accidents or mishaps.
    The reason NoPrep is so popular is because NHRA so far has not gotten its hooks into yet. The reason that NPK is not giving Stevie a direct answer on how to get in is simple Street Racing/No Prep is all about actions sure there is a absolute f#@k-Ton worth of smack talk but when it all said and done whoever wins the race be it on the street or on the track is right then and there the BMF of the day. Additionally and this does sound stupid but every fan of Street Racing and No Prep has a very blue collar attitude and by in large Street Outlaw fans and No-Prep competitors and especially the fans remember clearly how the NHRA in no uncertain term Sh*t all over them with the letters that they sent out to anyone that had appeared on the Street Outlaws show in season in late 2014 early 2015 saying they would suspend their competition licenses. Admittedly the NHRA tried burying the hatchet with Justin Shearer aka β€œBig Chief” when Erica Enders facilitated a sit down between Justin and the NHRA which ended with Shearer getting his ProMod license and racing the CrowMod at the 2016 US Nationals and basically got his butt handed to him partly because of lack of money but mostly because Shearer wanted to race a Pontiac based engine and not a Hemi (personal I believe Justin’s unwillingness to run a Hemi in the CrowMod was more financial and I only want to race a Pontiac engine was and still is an easy excuse). Lastly the powers that be in NPK tv show don’t want their show hero’s dethroned by a fast talking professional NHRA ProMod racer because it would kill the everyman appeal of the show and is why racers who are not super competitive have such fan appeal.

  8. What the average race fan don't realize about Stevie fast is the man is ……Smart…..and has taken junk race cars that wouldn't fall out of a tree and turn it into a car nobody wanted to stage up against not to mention the other two badass that run and tune the car with him ……on the other hand I got a lot of Respect for the top guys running in NPK and they are definitely some smart guys in there but if NPK keeps giving out 400 dead Benjamin's to win ……the three headed monster of Stevie fast,Phil shuler and Billy Stocklin will figure out away to get in a NPK race and start taking all that lunch money back to Georgia……No disrespect to my NPK guys that I become a fan of butt guys this is like tugging on supermans cape……but it would be a huge and I do mean life changing huge for drag racing and especially for NPK. πŸ€”πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²

  9. It's kind of funny we talk about parity in drag racing. I thought that was the point. To come to the show with something nobody else had and crush everybody.

  10. One of my favorite memories was walking threw the pits at my home town track Bandimere speedway in the mile high city. I saw Wes Brook… I walked up to him and asked if I could get a picture with him.. he said sure..you came across as super nice person.. I was so excited that the world series of pro mods was coming to Denver.. After meeting Wes I found my heros pits Stevie Fast..after watching him and his crew working on the car he was super cool and signed my shirt .If that wasn't cool enough I went into the stands and got to see Stevie do a strait up quarter mile burn out.. It was amazing!! The crowd went nuts it was amazing.. I've been to 20 plus mile high Nationals and that was hands down my favorite event I've ever seen… Can't wait to see you guys again…

  11. This guy is the joe Biden of drag racing.execuses of why fans not showing up at events.its summer time, people on vacation,its hot. There's another group out racing every weekend

  12. Hey Stevie I love you but consider this me trash-talking you. You suck you can't do it in no prep. Please go get a the slowest shittiest driver and get that car to win. You've done it before and Pro Mod with a nitrous car I would love to see you do it again in no prep that would be so much fun to watch.

  13. Great interview as always with Stevie. I would love to see him make a run at NPK, but understand the hesitancy from his side. As a 30+ year marketing/advertising executive I also understand the stats and demographics that are required for the sponsors to write a check. Huge fan of Drag Illustrated and Stevie. Keep it up.

  14. i think the nhra season should begin labor day weekend and end the next memorial day weekend. you can schedule the northern races for the fall and spring and run down south through the winter.

  15. BULLSHIT Stevie. Look at how many turbos are actually competitive or even running anymore. Turbos with their hands in the cookie jar? The technology was advanced. It's not their fault that people are making better and better turbos, it's your fault for running a 40 yar old technology that is at the end of the line. Well guess what…end of the line items are sold off for scrap so that people run new technology like higher-end turbos and ProCharger's.

    It didn't turn into your personal kryptonite though so you need to suck it if you think what's going on now is right. Last time I checked, your blower car was winning 1 in 2 races and has won every season that E3 has run so you obviously enjoy a better combination.

    Your hatred of Turbos has done exactly what you wanted. You've had them made irrelevant and it's a useless combination now vs your vaunted blowers.

    Lastly, who says nitrous cars even need to be there? Nitrous KILLS the environment. Who says roots blowers should be given so many advantages now? In history, if you weren't competitive, you bought the new hardware and made yourself competitive. Now you want to keep your old crap in the race while making other cars WAIT for you.

  16. If Stevie fast actually gets the slowest guy in the NPK bracket and makes him a force to be reckoned with I would just die laughing! I want to see this happen so bad!

  17. I only found out about Stevie fast cause of street outlaws, I love what Stevie is about and I love his trash talk. I’m a no prep fan and would love to see him in the field getting his feeling hurt or putting people on the trailer and going rounds. How could it hurt to bring more attention to this form Of racing?

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