SSC Tuatara | Robert Mitchell

“This car is a 300 car all day”
Robert Mitchell
-Independent Analyst

SSC North America has reached another milestone in top-speed testing, surpassing the previous world record top speed set by the SSC Tuatara in January 2021.

American hypercar collector and Tuatara customer Larry Caplin piloted his SSC Tuatara with Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds at Space Florida’s LLF, Kennedy Space Center Merritt, Florida on May 14th, 2022, where he previously broke the speed record for world’s fastest production vehicle on the 2.3 mile stretch of runway. A top speed of 295.0 mph (474.8 km/h) was recorded by data and performance logging firm Racelogic with dual VBOX GNSS systems onboard the Tuatara, as well as a Life Racing GPS unit for additional data acquisition. Present during the top speed run was Racelogic technician Mitchell Townsend and independent analyst Robert Mitchell, ensuring extra levels of transparency and validation measures that SSC North America has integrated into its testing process.

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  1. I suspect the next step will be to go back to Nevada and try again for a two direction average. So far they've only gone 295mph (474kph) so they're not quite there yet. The Bugatti Chiron did 304.77mph (490.47kph) and also only did a one direction run and I also believe it was a flying start so none of these can be classified as an official record. An official record must also be monitored by the F.I.A..

  2. Great job SSC!
    Hey Robert, will the car ever go the the Ring? How does it perform in curves? I care less for drag racing speed but really love a race track. Just wondering. Cheers!

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  4. Who is “Robert Mitchell – Independent Analyst”? I’m rooting for SSC and don’t want them going through another round of scrutiny.

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