Speed and Power! | Top Gear Africa Special | BBC

The boys face the ultimate African challenge… a muddy puddle. Luckily some reserves from the Ugandan army are on hand to help out.

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  1. Hammond was the only smart one during this trip. The other two fancy German and Swedish wagons were just too impractical for this type of journey. The Subaru is more utilitarian and built for these sorts of conditions. It may not have the nicest interior or good looking exterior, but it's ground clearance and 4WD system made the journey easy

  2. Please stop calling ' all wheel drives ' , ' four wheel drives ', I know it is easier to say, but unless it has a front & rear diff & a low range gear box, all you have is a car where all the wheels can move it, yes it is better than a 2 wheel drive, but only just, another great challenge though.

  3. My humour is terribly broken for laughing at a white british man proclaiming to african locals that he believes in speed and power.

    Edit: I just found out that these guys were, in fact, soldiers of the ugandan army, which makes it even more hilarious.

  4. I took my brand new 2002 Rally World Blue WRX off-road …and did a commercial …with my friend sitting in the passenger seat. I guarantee you it was a Subaru commercial.
    I also took my 1998 Subaru Legacy GT Limited …to the mud bog …where the monster trucks go …and I got thrown out for going too fast through the mud. 😂
    Subaru is awesome!!!!

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