South Texas Grudge Race Nitrous Battle!!

In this video we have the second grudge race from yesterday’s video. In yesterday’s video we had the driver’s meeting and the first grudge race. In today’s video we have the second grudge race which included a nitrous assisted s10 that took on a nitrous assisted beretta. The beretta is known as the slow mod but don’t let the name fool you as this car can get down any surface. The slow mod is coming off a big cash days win the weekend before and looked to extend his win streak against the local nitrous assisted s10. The two locked in the race for a one thousand five hundred bet as mentioned in yesterday’s video during the driver’s meeting. In the same video we also caught jason cantu testing for fastest in america with his little twin turbo s10 as well. Check out the video and all the action for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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