Snowbirds 2021 EPIC FAIL! Duct Tape-Wire Ties- What Went Wrong at The Snowbirds in Bradenton Florida

Stevie Fast, Charlotte, and KTR Race in the Tightest 32 Car Pro Mod field in history at the 2021 Snowbirds. Ride along as Stevie shows you the success’s and failures of his first Pro Mod Race since selling his beloved Shadow 2.0.


  1. Your camera has a flicker feature. Turn it on and you won’t have those black lines. Now if you have an expensive camera you can adjust shutter speed until the lines disappear. But know this the video might be darker or lighter depending on the adjustment.

  2. Shouldn’t have sold your RvW car and this wouldn’t have happened that Bahrain car ( Pro Stock covert like Justin’s NPK convert that’s not doing well either ) is a smidge slow for pro mod, barely running faster than Justin’s PoS Lexus build, sucks they restrict you guys to such a small street hot rod blower 8-71 is nothing for people who don’t know they make all the way up to 18-71 superchargers top fuel cars run a car14-71 blower if that tells you anything 6-71 is the smallest they make 8-71 is the next smallest then 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

  3. Shit!!! That sucks!!!! Why is everyone going auto shift? I know it’s probably quicker but manual is how real racers should do it lol…. Is it from the turbo guys?

  4. What i do is wrap that motor with electric heating blanket never let it get cold the huge temp changes .After a run i pull the hood and cover it upfor the tow back.That supercharger probably was locking up.Good luck you guys rock ,22 going to be 👍

  5. Nitro the supervisor just chilling on the golf cart. Lmao!! Any time I've ever seen you lose, which is not very often, it's always due to something outside of your control like parts failure. You'll be back kicking ass in no time!! 💪

  6. That timing light setup had me laughing so hard. Totally something I'd do!

    Reminded me of a time I was riding in the engine bay of a road car in the paddock with a tire gauge on the fuel rail trying to see if we were dropping fuel pressure under wide open throttle.

    That's the good stuff man. Sorry for the loss but this was a great video.

  7. You guys are really hilarious! Looks like you really enjoy what you do. You all have a great sense of humor. The bailing wire and bubble gum thing had me laughing so hard. Win or lose. Having fun is what really matters. You guys are nuts!

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