Sneak Peek at the New All Girls Street Outlaws Show – Street Race Talk Episode 271


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  1. It makes you wonder who all the girls that will be on the show as they havent shown that many racing in other shows outside of MSO. Maybe Kalya and Tina from the 405 but thats still not a lot to carry a show. TTVE

  2. Great video. Maybe they will do one of those team deals where each of those main four girls will get a team and the teams will compete till only one team is left. Anyway If it's on Discovery channel I will give it. Try. Cya next time TTVE

  3. I agree with Tony Landers. How can you have an all female drag racing program and omit Tina and Kayla who were the first to appear on Street Outlaws? This glaring omission coupled with the fact that the male racers in the MSO have taken a back seat to the ladies suggests that this is going to be an MSO-centered program that typically excludes 405 racers. It may have been JJ's idea.

  4. Need to take a closer look at that picture. Look at the amount of dish on the wheel and the quarter is trimmed to clear. Not saying you’re not right about what kind of car they will feature, but that’s a big tire.

  5. I kinda figured something like this was in the works when in fastest in America they had that skit with the girls talking about girl racers. Just discovery milking the street outlaw stuff for all its worth.

  6. God this show is going to be dumb it was cool to see girls in the group but a hole show that's all girls that's going to be a stretch for pilgrim

  7. I think you speak for all of us when you say dominator is the nicest guy on the show he seems like a genuine good guy and also haven't seen your channel in a while how is your car doing any upgrades going on and have you brought it to the track yet if so what did it run

  8. Am I the only one who ain't interested in watching? Sounds cringe & edgy to be honest.. hell even just the street outlaws right now is a bit cringe I can only imagine a bunch of loud mouth Broads arguing w. Each other 😂

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