Small and large tire race cars at the MSO family.

Small and large tire race cars at the MSO family.
fter years of street racing the Memphis Street Outlaws, JJ Da Boss and his Memphis Team are back with their own series, STREET OUTLAWS MEMPHIS! This is not only a group of racers, it’s a family.
This is not the track, this is the street and Memphis won’t stop until they’re the best of the best. They’ve got their own unique set of rules, but aren’t afraid to bend them to take home the win.
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  1. after axw man won the race i heard jj offering to buy the axe car axe said 150 or so and jj said 120 cash axe said no on that but it, looks like you guy,s just might have made a deal for the car after all congrad,s on that jj !!! it is one bad ass car for sure tony

  2. That's wright jj boss tell um go tell that and you race when you want ain't no one boss but jj da boss one day I like meet this old country boy one day .🙏

  3. JJ bought Ax man's old noprep car!!! Oh shit, that is a bad bitch. It was in the top 15 in the past couple noprep kings so they got a bad mofo to beat up on anyone who wants it

  4. They need to put that car on the street and see if they can get it to work on the street? If it doesn't work, make it work and then they might have one of the baddest on the street

  5. I used to have an old heavy 1954 Ford pickup 289 Cobra off and Hauser toneport to four barrels for speed call through the sixties seventies part of the 80s

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