SLEEPER Nissan 350Z vs The World!

You wouldn’t expect 700+hp from this Nissan 350z, especially considering it’s still running the original VQ35 engine boosted with twin turbos! Not only that, but this car hooks from a roll and takes out a Dodge Hellcat Challenger, turbo Acura Integra Type R making 575hp, a 700hp Toyota Supra, a 700+hp Cadillac CTS-V, two quick bikes, and many more. This car REFUSED to lose!
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  1. Everyone who thinks going boost is expensive… STOP buying / thinking of a Turbo KIT. Kits really messed up the game, lol, they make things a lot more expensive then needed and they arent intended for everyone, it was an option, and its not for everyones budget and ESPECIALLY not intended for everyone’s build.

    Buy a turbo, buy blow off valve (dont need it), external waste gate, intercooler (dont need it, can wait or can run meth injection), couplers and custom piping. Injectors, fuel pump, custom turbo manifold… its ready for a tune.

    You can boost any car including a Z for around $500 / $700 – $3K+. All depending on brand of parts, new / used, OEM, fabricator / welder, material (titanium, steel, aluminum), etc.

  2. Street bikes are hard to compare against because its all the rider, I've personally smashed modded R1's & 1000's on my Gsx-R 750. Put a GP pro on a moped and he'll probably beat me.

  3. I picked up my silver 07 base model hr with 170k miles it has almost 180k on it and will rebuild it for 700+. She still pulls. I keep her stock. I love the stock exhaust tone

  4. people who try to race cars on bikes so they can feel like badasses even tho there on vehicles that weigh a ton less make me fkn cringe like fuck off go race eachother on your bikes stop trying to race cars that weigh so much more than u ..

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