#shorts Usually I will apply with the brush or the pad – Different method of protecting the plastics

I finally did it! I had an absolutely awful week, and felt like I was letting my awesome loyal fans down. I am sorry that this took so long, but I think that it was worth it. This transformation of the Ford work truck made me smile while doing it and makes me even more happy that the video turned out decent. I struggled with the microphone a little bit at first, but was able to get that cleared up.

I am still a little on the fence with that Tornador. You will for sure see why. I know that it is quite effective, but when it gets down to it, there is a lot of rework involved. It distributes the dust all around and you have to vacuum to revacuum. It’s not as bad when I don’t film, but filming makes it take a bit longer. Kinda worth it on the filming end though because it looks real fun.

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Links to the products used are provided below:


*New Product* Rigid Air Compressor:

CarPro Essence:

CarPro UltraCut:

CarPro Detailing Brushes :

IK Sprayer: iK Foam PRO 2 Pump Sprayer

P&S Brake Buster

Adam’s SK Micro:

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Kit:

CarPro Descaler:

Adam’s Polishes Wheel and Tire Cleaner:

Adam’s Polishes Air Cannon:

SunJoe Pressure Washer:

Detail Brushes:

Chemical Guys MicroFiber Towels:

Foam Cannon:

CarPro PERL:

McGuire’s 5″ Cutting Disk:

McGuire’s 3″ Cutting Disk:

Griott’s Garage 5.5″ Polishing Pad:

Griott’s Garage 3″ Polishing Pad:

Torq Polisher:

Eagle Edgeless Microfiber towels:

Car Detailed: 2018 Ford F150
Color: Magnetic
Mileage: less than ?K Miles /?K Kilometers
Video Recorded on GoPro Hero 8 (with media package) and iPhone 11 Pro

Disclaimer: This video is made for entertainment purposes only. Prey 4 Snow Auto Detailing is not responsible for any attempted replication of tasks completed in this epic video.

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