SHOCKING NPK STANDINGS – No Prep News Episode 155

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  1. Shawn hasn't been able to get the NPK car to go straight under power. He's got a car that could easily win just hasn't had any kind of luck on his side

  2. Hey sim I noticed that fumble they did also so no worries bro it's going to be tough to catch Ryan even for kye and how about our boy Justin over at ljrc rebuilding Justin's hemi and some front-end work as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. NPK….is grueling. Travel time, setup, car repair, meetings, etc., etc., and do it again for another race at a different location in a couple of days. I don't think "double points" should even be considered at the last races. A team busts their hump all season….smash the car with 3 races to go……and lose a whole season to double points after keeping the car top notch all season. Nooo…….

  4. Look I love that small block Shawn Murder Nova has and it's fast I just don't think it's consistent either it's the moter or the chassis isn't consistent I'm finding it hard to beleave it's driver error anymore they've done this long enough they should have figured out what to do now so the car just isn't consistent at all still a very big Fab of 187 Customes.

  5. It’s nothing new that Murder Nova has been sucking azz. After all of these no prep seasons he hasn’t even won a single event! His sponsors must be cool with that. he hasn’t won a single street outlaw event on any one of the different shows since he left Midwest Street cars. 👎🏻👎🏻

  6. Murder Nova now has 3 weeks to get the OG with the Proline Hemi lined out. And they said that they wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make a NPK debut before the end of the season JS.

  7. Some of the (other) racers are making some moves. Murder Nova is struggling, to say the least. Would like to see him bring the OG out. Ryan Martin has hit some bumps in the road the last couple of races. Look for him to rebound.

  8. thats a lot of racers that never win when i raced people who didnt win quit after a yea or so cause they went broke how are all these people paying fir al this crap without winning any money, the money side of eveything makes no sense there always broke, yet they supposedly have sponsors sponsors help with repairs or did in my day, everyone knows who is paying for all these cars think about it folks there international superstars not just here in the US like they think Discovery/pilgrim is making billions off these guys and they don't even realize it, and all you people paying to go watch the race you paid to be an extra in aTV show pilgrim/discovery shoulda payed you to be there, think about it extra's always get payed something even if its only $20

  9. Can you imagine, Ryan is off his game according to many and he’s still #1! If he was dominant as usual this entire season would be a yawner but even though I’m 405 and cheering for Ryan I won’t be butthurt if someone else wins! I love Street Outlaws

  10. Thanks Sim for giving us the points list.
    And with 3 races left Ryan up 110 points I can’t believe he will choke so much that he doesn’t win this year.

  11. Honestly you need to do a video on how there's no since of watching npk on TV if you can't see the great 8/race your way in races where all the true no prep goes on and all the good races are. No one feels like searching through 100 channels on YouTube to find the races and if so why not just have youtube

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