S550 ESS Supercharger Follow up and 1320' Drag Times

In this video I address some follow up topics about the ESS supercharger setup and we talk about the recent trip to the track and how project Blue Balls did.

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  1. Good stuff. My kit is sitting in my living room. Looks like Monday I'll be getting a different barbed fitting. I'll be dynoing my car before and after the install to see what the g2 kit (g3 intercooler) 125mm and lth picks up on 91. Ever consider making a driving video to give an idea on how the car performs just cruising around. Maybe a few light pulls but I'm more wondering when the car starts making boost and how the midrange drivability is. Are you on stock manifolds? Thank you and subbed!

  2. Do you mind showing us the boost gauge routing from the inside? Like where it comes out. I want to rout my boost gauge same way but it feels like there is a block off plate.

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