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  1. Street outlaws won’t jv much big tire. They are goin down. I’m ratings n views. They just tryin tk milk the most money they can. N no prep kings mite stick around. Or you see someone like Ryan Martin. Start a separate no prep series. N pilgrim n discovery will be out.

  2. Comeing up in racing I always thought it was cool seeing a small tire car run as fast as a big tire so for me I'm all for the small tire scene. My old boss and a good friend of mine ran a 72 nova small tire with a small block and he would put big tire cars on the trailer. It was amazing to watch

  3. I'm sure the red car will be both a small tire and big tire car. With a screw blower you can easily change the power output just by swapping the gears on the blower a lot easier then swapping the procharger or gears on the procharger. And the red car will still be able to street race . Remember that blue Camaro with the screw blower he did well on the streets. And he ran it on small tires

  4. That old news that Ryan is putting his grey car Screw blown he may even putting the red car back to turbo with thr Proline Hemi he's also been building his high school Mustang for small tire racing he's most likely taking that car to Mega Cash days.

  5. Hey sim didn't expect that considering the red car was pretty sick for the streets but seeing what Ryan has done before he's not afraid of trying new setups he could be testing this setup on the red car and possibly if it's a tried and true setup for him he might switch the grey ghost 😉 idk just saying as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  6. It GOING TO BE INTERESTING to see if this is a dividing line for the 405. For example, Seitzinger, 187Customs, what do they do? Same goes for Nitrous Nola, they have made rules to keep them competitive..what will THEY do?

  7. Screw blowers are way more reliable then the Procharger. Prochargers if oversped will break the gear set and cause the blower impeller to touch down in the case. Swanstrom was breaking them in the burnout to overspeed. I also heard that Swanstrom is switching from Proline to a Noonan 4.9 Hemi. Should be a great 2023 season for NPK.

  8. The screw blower gonna look like sht i hate that sht it's too much bullshit sticking out ugly af then Ryan will kick everybody's ass and they'll add a sht load of weight too try and stop him again it's bullshit TTVE SIM thanks for the video👍👍👍👍👍

  9. No he does not does not make the rules for no prep Kings why do you think they put the bounty on his head this year to get people more incentive to beat him. You think he came up with that rule. Come on Sim!!?

  10. Most of the racers (at least the 405 ) the guys started on the street. Am sure there are a lot other racers that started on the street also. The street is where it all started

  11. Dude small tire is more relatable to the end viewer most of us can’t afford a proline motor and a big tire chassis but beat believe most people can afford a small tire car that’s making 1500hp on a junkyard 5.3ls stuffed into a fox body or a s10 with a set of eBay turbos

  12. monkey see monkey do its amazing what tv money allows these guys to do, it"s all about how much ass you wanna kiss ,i really do not know why you get so excited about this shit as long as they do what the show wants them to do they will go far

  13. I’m sorry to inform you that you were wrong Ryan Martin did runTwinTurbo combination in season three and one the title switched over to the pro line hemi with pro charger in season four

  14. And no prep they have to run what you brung they can't swap out cars if one car fails he can't grab another car and run the same race it's a run with your bum deal maybe he can run the two different cars at two different tracks but not during the same race

  15. Ryan Martin is a winner and he will stay on top bc he can figure it out. He's not going to ride out a combination that's not producing top power and he has shown the he will switch.. How can you love an old combination that's not in your favor? Ryan has the MONEY and KNOWLEDGE to change and stay competitive.

  16. The NPK RULES isn't right or fair first more weight been added too the PROCHARGER cause all the NITROUS CARS have a chance BS just look at the last few years how close kye lizzy is in all there races Ryan won only by inches so to add more weight is BS THIS is why so many drivers are going too the screwed blown it's all about the weight rules and IF CRY KELLY & LIZZY OR WHO ever can't get it done then change your program everyone else shouldn't be PUNISHED FOR THERE LACK OF SUCCESS!!!!!!!! FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Red car setting on 28’s with a f3 Procharger in California right now. Also slow down while talking don’t know why you try to mumble talk in your videos

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