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  1. Hey sim I heard the fireball has already been swapped over and Chassis has been fixed so we'll see when he unveils the car as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. It's not true sim Ryan is going screw blower on the fireball to learn the combo,converter and trans ratio setup and tire rim size..he's putting the new 145 procharger on Grey car and racing it npk..when he gets the screw blower combo figured out and it's faster or as fast as the 145 procharger he'll convert it to Grey car…UNLESS the hemi twin combo loses another 100lbs…if the weights stay the same that 145 will be infront of the screw blowers at 98% overdrive…proline is also making big changes too their hemi engine to pair with screw blown cars..thus Ryan testing it all on the fireball R & D…..new car? No word but possibly chassis upgrades for both cars!

  3. Is NPK 2023 Rules going to really unleash the Screw Blowers, no Max on OD, Unleash the Prochargers, Turbos, roots, allow Nitros cars to run different fuels including Nitro methane

  4. Everyone going screw blower… Swan, Odom, Jim Howe, Kye….
    Howe was running Nitro in that last event in Ennis and that’s why he had the advantage pulling so hard on the top end against Ryan and Kye.

  5. This will allow Ryan to avoid getting hit with all the new rules. He keeps winning and the rules keep targeting him. So if they add weight to the ProCharger he can run screw blower.

  6. You have to stick with the same car throughout the same weekend but I’m not sure there is any rule over changing between power adders during a weekend. You obviously can switch and replace engines so Ryan Martin might have another advantage in that he theoretically could swap entire setups during the weekend between cars and go from Procharger to screw blower inside a weekend… or vice versa.

  7. It's not a roumor and confirmed at pri as I asked Ryan that question and said its not a roumor. Said the gray car is staying as it is and the Fireball will be getting a proline hemi setup for a screw blower with Petty at the tuning controls

  8. The rumor started at PRI when he said the fireball may get a screw blower. You never know. The gray car will stay the same. I’m sure the red car will have a screw blower and then he has the Camaro. He used for mega cash days for the streets.

  9. Im thinking Ryan might use the screwblower setup on certain tracks, and have procharger setup on others. Screw blowers seemed to have an advantage at some events later on in the npk season. Just a theory anyways.

  10. Don’t be surprised if you see Ryan roll out the new Mustang he had built, and I have heard Kaylie Mills is going screw blower

  11. Ryan's going to have 3 Camaro's 1 old style and 2 new style.1 with twin turbo and the second one with a procharger and the 3rd car with a screw blown hemi

  12. Hold on a minute.That rule needs to change. Think about it. From the beginning it was with " street cars". Then it went to purpose built no prep cars. And now you need 2 cars to be competetive??? That's ridicilous…The only one that will benefit from that is Ryan because he already have 2 top cars…

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