Ryan Martin vs Robin Roberts at Texas Motorplex!!

In this video we have robin roberts who drives the twin turbo firebird that sports a proline motor. Robin Roberts is the leader of the team named texas x. Team X did extremely well this year beating several racers from other teams as indicated with their x stickers on their cars. The x stickers represent the times they beat their opponents. Robin is no stranger to winning no preps and he brings a lot to the table with a hard work ethic and the will to win. No Prep Kings is not easy but robin trying to dethrone the king is no easy feat. In this point of time the video was taken Ryan was on cruise control to another championship win but Robin Roberts threw a monkey wrench on that idea facing off with the champion. Will Ryan once again prove he is the king or will robin put him on the trailer and be forced to regroup. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Robin needs his ass kicked every race, I've lost all respect for a grown man that says, If you cross the scales I can't be your friend anymore, then turn around and does the same dam thing a few races later to another racer. 😭

  2. Robin Robert's is a punk he guessed on that light against Cody Backer and he says he doesn't do that and he's done it twice now sence he said he isn't going to be Brandon( form Cali) friend anymore…

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