Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley Champion Races!!!

No Prep Kings racers Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley have raced on the streets against the street outlaws but this race at the texas motorplex was different. It was a battle of number one which is ryan martin in the points lead against number two kye kelley who was there to grab the number one spot from him. The race took place at the great eight portion of the event and it would have been a great point booster if Kye went around Ryan Martin in this race. There was still an out for Kye to win the championship after this loss to Ryan but nothing would have put a stamp on the run than a win over the defending champion Ryan Martin. But, the race didn’t go Kye’s way which lead to a series of circumstances that didn’t pan out for Kye as the race went on. Big Jim Howe played spoiler for Kye as well at the end to Kye’s great season getting closer and closer to Ryan’s crown. Check out the race which was a great race and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. If you start using a different car, your points should start at zero from there… Kry couldn't get the win even changing cars and keeping the points he made with a different car, 😂… All that purge is exactly why nitrous should be banned… There went the ozone, thanks for your contribution to global warming @hole.

  2. What a great weekend! Was a little nervous when Jim beat Ryan in the first round. But when Jim also beat Kye in the second round and solidifying Ryan’s 3peat championship, I almost came out of my shoes. Another great year in NPK!

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