Ryan Martin Chokes – No Prep News Episode 153

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  1. How does he choke when his won most of the no prep events his win ratio is far and beyond more than anyone else the only reason other guys when is when he makes a mistake they have to change the rules because he wins to much

  2. Hey sim yeah this was a weird one all of the the top five cars went out in what I would say was upsets. Ryan is still whey ahead of kye he has to win every race from here on out to beat Ryan. And dag the bad luck just keeps on going for Justin as he hits the wall and hurts prepup again that boy just can't catch a break but he keeps going. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. Did anyone watch the right lane close? How come ryan, Kye, Mike, and daddy dave all red lit. When I watch close I don't see anyone move til its green. And mike Morrello had staging problems.
    Looks real fishy to me.
    Go back and watch

  4. If you watch the 2 races where Ryan went out 1st rd. & Dave went out semi final. They both went Red, but if you watch it, that red was some b.s. The lights were clearly green before they took off. Is what it is tho, no crying over spilled milk & protesting I guess. Also I doubt Ryan is choking. That aint usually a thing for a guy working on, 3 championships in a row.

  5. Didn't see the event as a choke. Proves how hard it is to win. I mean JB won after how Many finals losses? Did we feel he choked? Upcoming tracks are "good air" tracks so I'll wait & see before counting out Ryan.

  6. My Crazy theory is that pilgrim is seeing all the posts with people saying it’s not worth watching if Ryan is going to keep winning so they asked Ryan to Sandbag a couple races to let others catch up. But hey that’s just my theory and after all it is tv and all about ratings.

  7. All i have too say is something was going on with the left lane going red on Ryan and Dave and it don't matter who else won they only beat Ryan when he has issues not heads up you can bet he'll be getting it back on track THANKS SIM good job as always TTVE👍👍👍👍👍

  8. The time thing is due to what's happening at the track, there's other races and events going on between their races like future outlaws, big tire, daily driver and i believe small tire or 7s as they call it, then you have to count for clean uptimes which can take almost an hour every time someone spills on the track or reck, so it tends to run really late due to what's happening at the track

  9. I get a kick out of the “haters” of Ryan Martin on this channel. Every driver out there never fails to say what a class act he is.
    The hatred only feeds him.

  10. Ryan is so far ahead he is letting the little kids catch up just to destroy them in the end. He knows the rules will change too much if he doesn't slow down a little and people won't watch if one driver has the Championship 🏆 sewn up with 3 races to go! Ryan is not only good he's smart and knows where his bread gets buttered and bored fans don't come out to watch their favorite get dominated every week

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