Ryan Fellow’s Family SUES Street Outlaws & Discovery Channel After Wrongful Death

In this video, we go through the lawsuit that was recently filed again Warner Bros Discovery over the death of cast member Ryan Fellows. The family is believes the producers did not properly prepare the road used for the show and cited other wrongdoings that led to the apparent wrongful death. Watch till the end to find out the details of this lawsuit and comment down below if the Discovery Channel should be responsible!


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  1. This is all BS, Fellows knew what he was getting into. That there were rules which were not obeyed, he knew that too. This lawsuit is just for the money. It's like the bull-fighter suing the bull because he got a horn stuck up his …

  2. Greed is the root of all evil! When you'er behind a wheel of a race car, anything can happen and he and his family knew that! I do not want to see anyone get hurt or worst, but unfortunately that is a chance you take when racing.

  3. My opinion is that he knew what he was getting into yes it suck BUT DOING ILLEGAL STREET RACING ON SMALL/LITTLE SIDE STREETS IS WHAT HE WANTED I’m sure he watched all the episodes before he finally joined so he knew how it worked

  4. He wouldve raced anyway with or without discovery if he was an actual street racer. Who are you going to sue then? I lost a good friend to a legitimate street race. He knew what could happen and it did. No need to sue people who haven't done anything wrong

  5. He would've had to sign a waiver to race, so they have no case. Sadly, this has been coming for a while now as they wrecks have been getting more violent every year.

  6. I was there knew Ryan. Ryan knew what he was doing every STREET RACE HE WENT over several years also Has a multitude of hits on the road he was on racing on and off filmings He would be the last person doing this. Ryan also was set up well finically. His wife is jus greedy. She has to have $4000 concert tickets. And 30 dollar drinks on top of some of the San Diego restraunt buildings. Chekc her social media It’s embarrassing. And Ryan name and legacy is going to be tarnished after this. A couple days before the accident he had his blue mustang at the filming and it got loose spun and went off the road slightly. the car was known as Cookie Monster Frustrated He went back home to cali and got the FASTER lighter car and came right back to the same road 48 hours later to race like he has many other times. Truth is. Ryan when he launched was spinning out a control and could have easily lifted and all would have been well. As a street racing competitor Ryan didn’t want to lift got on and off the gas steering the car left and right trying to get it to settle straight and tried to win. That’s all that needs to be said. His street racing team he was apart of for a huge future race last year was was called. NO LIFT RACING Again nuff said. It’s sad this is what people will remember of Ryan Instead of jus being a good person who loves to street race and compete

  7. Dude knew what he was doing when he signed up for the show he had already been street racing and has been filmed doing it on 1320 videos.. his family is just trying to sue discovery for a money grab. They never stopped him from racing cuz he made money doing it but they obviously knew it was dangerous. All discovery does is film it but even if street outlaws was never made a show all these guys would be out street racing and thats exactly what Ryan was doing he has a bunch of videos on 1320 of him racing

  8. If Ryan had lived, would they file a lawsuit for a new car? No, because it’s all part of the game, this is what they live for, pushing the limits to the maximum, constantly, each & every race.
    On or off a track, every Motorsport driver knows the dangers.
    RIP Ryan 🙏

  9. When you get behind the wheel, you know the risks of what can happen. No matter if the road was prepped or not. It's the streets, not a track. Even if they'd prepped, this is Vegas. The dirt blows back on the street in a matter of minutes. They call it street outlaws for a reason. It's not called track outlaws where everything is constantly prepped with extended downtime between races. If you can't deal with the consequences of racing on the street or track, then don't get behind the wheel.

  10. Life goes on they just want money !!!! He's Dead done can't come back so drive on luck of the draw was his turn Just saying I've died 3 times !!!! Dead no heart beat not my turn am l going too Sue the hospital cause they brought me back Owell not my turn said and done RIP Ryan ya be missed for awhile like everybody else is prove me wrong?

  11. All of the drivers has there own choice these are big men we talking about not boys they are to age to make choices so who all running off there mouth needs to stop

  12. if a judge allows this law suit he needs disbarred the guy knew there was a chance something could happen the family needs to let it go but they just want to get rich off of it

  13. That’s such a shame now that families going to be known for messing up something that’s really good that a lot of people really enjoy because of being greedy when all those drivers know the risk that they’re getting in when they do it

  14. Why is it that nowadays Noone wants to take self responsibility, he was a grown man that could have not raced at any point but he decided to do so.

  15. The dumbest part is the show has made this safer for the drivers and the public. They close the streets and add lights if needed. Sweep the roads, medical on standby…etc. I understand being upset after losing a loved one and I'm sure that Warner Bros probably won't help the family of the driver who passed. Honestly it's a risky business to be in. Weather on the track or off the track.

  16. Man he had a really really nice Nissan, watched many videos on him racing it. Sad to see that he’s gone now and can’t ever come back to be with his family. Sorry for your family’s loss and hopefully they can be at peace with the painful loss. ❤

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