Rusty Ford Falcon With a WHOLE Lot of POWER!

We SWORE This was a wrap until we got up close, Boy were we wrong! Paul Witty’s Ford Falcon looks like it was literally pulled from a barn and straight into his garage to have the chassis tabbed together and then brought straight to the event! It’s not the first time we’ve seen an awesome patina, but more often than note these days…it’s a wrap job that mimics true patina jobs like this. Not to mention the Big Block Ford tucked under a 1471 blower that’s towering over the hood with a menacing cowl. Truly one awesome display of time and effort that we were thrilled to witness, but lucky for us it was also here to show us what that ford power plant could do! Lining up for the Outlaw class of Coffeyville’s Street Drags in Coffeyville, KS, Paul and his DIRTY bird went head to head with some heavyweight champs!

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  1. Very Odd no one seems to have any idea of the YEAR
    I saw one post speaking of going back to the 1970's
    I had a 1961 deluxe (Meaning it had Chrome) The front grill was very similar but the sides and rear are different
    The sides I did not have as sharp bends they were more rounded

    So this may be a 1960 1962 Then I think they started getting boxy by 1965 the look was terrible had a friend that had one
    All I every saw was six cynider models. I had the 200 milage maker with a 144 ci in it when I took it apart the block was
    virutally hollow from underneath with what looked like sleeves, It was just a very THIN casting for the pistons.

  2. Reminds me of wonderful times with my 63 ranchero build in the 70s.
    260 ci 289 heads, screw in rocker studs, gt 390 springs keeper and retainers, dual point distributor, cam from Ford 😁, windage tray, hi volume oil pump, 360 grove main bearings for oil all the time, hooker headers, I'm sure that I missed something but it would spin up to 7500 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and never would top it out, because at 7500 in 3rd the 100mph speedometer was out of sight and I was good with that.
    Falcon fury.

  3. At the strip I go to, a guy couldn't run his car because of the way it looked. In so many words they said it was too junky looking.

  4. I've seen XM Falcons in fields that look just like that. Usually with a tree where the blower is on this one. Lol

  5. should get a set of them boss 429 heads for that 460 then it would be kool kasse has them custom made for 460 turn yer 460 into a semi hemi with kasse pardon my spellin on his name thinkin more like knoin my bad spellin

  6. Proof that a Ford 460 block can make big power. If you look you can find one in good shape cheap and put just a little bit of money in it and take it to the strip

  7. I'm so glad that it didn't say some junk ass Chevy LS . Finally a guy that spends that little extra money and gets a good motor I'm sorry a great motor. FIRST ON RACE DAY . FORD

  8. You know why that the junk LS is so common it's cheap. When they blow them up they go to there local grocery store and get another one. Why not spend the Extra money and put a great motor in it FORD. I get so pissed when people put those cheap ass LS junk in a Ford.

  9. Is that safe with the mild steel chassis? Love the fact that it has a big block Ford in it. I'm not a fan of putting different brand engines in cars unless there's no choice. I can understand if you want to race a De Soto or something that lacks aftermarket support putting a different brand engine in it but putting an LS into a Ford or Dodge is boring as hell.

  10. Wow Now there is a poor man's car God bless you That's a beautiful car Now I love to see cars like that And people like that Real people Average people My prayers go out to you May god bless you Everything that you need to make that car faster Into enjoy it

  11. I love the fact that it has a belt driven supercharger instead of the ricer turbochargers that have pretty much ruined drag racing. Watching a turbo/nitrous POS is no fun no matter how fast it is. That is not the AMERICAN way to make power.

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