Run out of Alabama! | Offensive cars | Top Gear Series 9 | BBC

As the boys (and the film crew) will now admit, this is the scariest challenge they ever faced in the history of the show. “Survival Challenge in Alabama”: Drive through Alabama with offensive slogans painted on their cars and try not to get killed. Things are tense on the highway, then reach boiling point at a gas station.

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  1. This was scripted. They paid those people but I do have to say they certainly played the parts well. If it had been real the woman would have been arrested for verbal assault, assault by threat, disorderly conduct by use of homophobic slur.

  2. Alabama is a nightmare and that’s coming from a Floridian; someone from a state where people have been jailed for assault with a deadly weapon where the weapon is was a live alligator being thrown through a drive-thru window.

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