Royal Enfield Hunter 350 First Thoughts, Video & Photos! Is this The Bike to get Young People Riding

We take the first look at the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 motorcycle!
The Ol’ Man gives his opinions and asks YOU some pertinent questions about this new model from Royal Enfield.
We look at the styling, geometry, suitability, intended age group, ergonomics, some specs, seating, controls & switches, and discuss the new motorbike from all angles. We show you the official launch video and give our reaction live!
This bike is firmly marketed to the young urban scene but is that a problem? Because in the UK nobody younger than 50 rides because our gov don’t want you to! (haha I know its a bit younger but you get the drift!).
We give you our personal thoughts on this brand new motorcycle launched on 10th August 2022, and look forward to the ride review in November 2022! We are on the VIP list my friends!
Tell us what YOU think in the comments section!


  1. I think it's such a shame that we don't have younger riders in the UK. I'm 18 and have been riding for over a year now, but haven't met a single biker my age. I think it's possibly the ridiculous licencing laws we have here that puts them off. I hope that bikes like this appeals to young people (though not to me, I much prefer the Interceptor and the Classic) and gets them out riding, as we all know what a thrill it is.

  2. Young people DO meet like that in South East Asia, but on mopeds up to 150cc at the most. Thing is the target market (in Asia at least) won't be able to afford it. Unless they come up with a crazy financing scheme.

  3. It's a pity they don't do a "Super Hunter" with the 411cc engine – I'd be all over that.
    (I know there's the Scram but that's just a Himalayan with a haircut and a 19" front wheel.)

  4. Having owned all sorts of bikes for the past 22 odd years from a Hayabusa to Yam Dragstar 1100 and now 650 bandit . Am contemplating on having a go on the Hunter when its available here in UK. Am 52 and commitments have changed so thinking of going for a small engine, a bike that is easy to maintain, cheap and for a good weather ride out plus just taking it easy in town and country lanes. Finding the 650 bandit abit heavy to push around in the garage. Been looking around for small engine bikes lately but not yet decided. Would go for the grey one.

  5. I like this bike However I ride a t120 and my little bike is a mutt 250
    The mutt is 130 kgs with a 21hp engine pushing 20 tourques
    Perfect set up but the enfields are a lot heavier does it work?

  6. I really love this bike. It looks gorgeous. I like it even better than the Interceptor, because of the black engine and the black exhaust. I don't want too much chrome on a bike. But I'm concerned about the sice. I'm 6'2" and I think the bike could look really small with me on top. I'd rather go for the Classic 350, because it's bigger. But if I had the money I'd buy a hunter 350 as a second bike.

  7. I have trouble understanding why anyone would desire an Enfield 350. While I really like the retro look of these motorcycles I can't bring myself to consider a motorcycle that is seriously underpowered when I know I can have an Inty 650 Enfield which is, as I understand it, also quite underpowered for it size.. I own a Honda CB500x which has the same horsepower as Enfiled's 650. That said, I would like to own a 650 Enfield for its retro look, feel and simplicity. Here's the thing; you can ride a Honda CB500x or an Enfield 650 leisurely and "stop to smell the flowers" on a relaxing ride just as well as you can on the 350 and have enough power to get to the top of a hill if one should come into view. Each to his own, just sayin'.

  8. I am in my twenties. And have always been completely enamored by the look, style, and badging of the classic Royal Enfields.
    That said, I think this is a pretty machine, but would much prefer a Classic 350 in one of the military-esque Sands editions.
    But as others mention, power. I believe if I truly ended going this route and style, the choice would have to fall to Triumph. What beautiful machines!
    But, if you just got your endorsement (USA) and don’t want a scooter, or don’t have deep pockets, I don’t believe there’s a better choice (But get the Classic) Hats off Royal Enfield.

  9. Always love hearing your opinions on bikes as we have the same build !

    Looking forward to throwing my leg over one of these when they come to the US in spring of 2023. I’m 43 and would love to get the blue one! Looking forward to your test ride and review of this one! Cheers!

  10. Interesting what you said about younger people not wanting to ride motorcycles in the UK, in India the majority of young ones just wait to reach 18 years of age to get the licence and sometimes they even have to argue with their parents to get a motobike.

  11. I have a genuine question. How long did it take you to grow that length of beard? I would like to have one as well, by beard growth is healthy, but I lack the patience to wait for so long. I once got i pretty long then I shaved it, and since then I lack the will to begin again.

  12. When I took my learners course a few years back, there wasn't a single person under 45ish and I was shocked, I was 25 at the time expecting to be one of the older guys with a late start, but instead the landscape of biking has shifted dramatically. RE definitely makes some models that I think could bring younger riders in, especially that scram 411, stunning machine that ticks a lot of boxes with the people I talk too.

  13. Reminds me of my old ‘74 Honda CB450. Shed a tear last week when I saw a mint condition one at the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama (place is insanely beautiful).

  14. I love the look of this, had been toying with the idea of a Scram to run alongside my Interceptor and VFR, but think I'm going to wait to see this in the flesh. I keep hoping RE might bring out a 500 single like the old days to run alongside the 350 but i guess they have the 411 shortly to become a 450. Now if they put that engine in the Hunter I think they'd have another sure fire winner, they shouldn't worry about losing Scram sales as they've proven with the Meteor/Classic 350 they appeal to different tastes.

  15. Styling is fantastic, not sure on the two tone paint schemes but might look better than in the flesh. Wish it was a 500cc twin

  16. Lot's of young People drive mopeds & small motorcycles like the bantam! The idea of a small , cheap on insurance, fuel & parts checks all the boxes. Would love a hunter with some allroad tires and a metal skid plate to make the commute Fun. I'm 37 btw

  17. Can't wait to see these bikes at NEC Motorcycle Live. The Royal Enfield stand is always the best one IMO.
    Personally I like the Lagoon Blue colour with the oversized painted RE logo on the tank that looks stunning.
    I'm 46 years old and 5'10" and I'd certainly consider buying one of these.

  18. I am 19 and i suddenly have a huge interest in retro bikes after seeing images of cafe racer motorbikes on social media, and am currently looking into getting my motorcycle license as well as my first bike in the next year or so. I am currently looking at the Classic 350, Interceptor, and this model. As a beginner would an interceptor be too much power?

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