Rocky Mountain Race Week – Race Day One (Saturday)

Rocky Mountain Race Week is the Ultimate Drag and Drive event, that tests man and machine. These cars are driven to and from each track, to the next, with no support vehicles. Thousands of miles, dozens of dragstrip passes, and hundreds of thousands of horsepower!


  1. 1:30 – Left Channel live audio starts.
    2:00 – Chad lays down the rules to chat to be nice to each other and thank all the sponsors.
    3:00 – the Ban Hammer is referenced. (It gets wielded, a lot.)
    10:31 – Right Channel Audio Starts – HEADPHONES WARNING – it's very loud when the Announcer first starts speaking, they adjust it later around the 40:00 mark.

    Left Channel -> Live Action / Right Channel -> Announcer – use your devices stereo balance levels to adjust to your taste.

    22:00 – Lanes Open
    27:30 – Invocation
    28:55 – Anthem
    31:00 – Opening Pass on new surface
    34:00 – Racing Begins – "True Street" index classes.
    38:00 – 1320 Kyle R8 vs Circle D TransAm
    48:30 – Don't know what it is, but it's faster then expected!
    56:30 – Announcer thanking City for the support – Let the city know their support of racing is appreciated.

    1:25:30 – Announcer begins to talk about future of sport, including subject (below) chat was getting banned for under the 'politics' topic.
    1:28:30 – Announcer mentions driver meeting discussion of the RPM Act – Go sign the Petition!

    1:28:38 – The Limo !
    1:30:55 – Shout out to Bobby with the Portable Car Hoist coming out to support the racers.
    1:33:40 – Right Lane about to have a bad day. – Sponsor pieces follow during oil cleanup and track prep.
    2:01:30 – Racing resumes.
    2:10:00 – call out for the fast cars to enter lanes
    2:15:00 – Track Prep
    2:26:30 – Racing Resumes
    2:28:00 – S*!tbox of Doom first pass after build (Tom Bailey's Son)
    2:30:30 – Two Bad Days….
    2:40:40 – Racing Resumes
    2:46:30 – IED RX7 Convertible Loooooooud
    2:49:00 – Junior Crew Chief Blaine showing how it's done.
    2:56:00 – WTH contraption….
    2:58:13 – Right Lane – lighter is faster, Oooops. Looks like Belt.
    2:59:50 – Organ Grinder Model A Coupe.
    3:02:50 – Blue SAAB 92 on Miata
    3:05:00 – Cleetus in Mullet
    3:19:00 – Horsepower Wars S10
    3:44:00 – Racing Resumes
    3:44:50 – Mercedes Eats Tyre – Debris Cleanup follows.
    3:53:00 – Racing Resumes
    3:53:20 – GTO (Monaro) eats tyre,…
    3:55:28 – Water Bottle Delivery for the Volunteers – Smash the Like Button and let 'em know you appreciate the show!
    4:23:20 – Racing Resumes after Track Cleanup and Prep
    4:23:50 – Motion Raceworks Fox Body Mustang
    4:35:00 – Blown Rambler Wagon
    4:38:15 – Stapelton Auto Works – Uncle Rob Yukon.
    4:40:30 – James Taal in Ruby
    4:42:29 – Motion Raceworks Dougie in Fresh Nova vs Cory Thompson Chevelle (Grudge Race)
    4:52:45 – Tom McGilton YNOT Camaro (defending Champ from 2020)
    4:56:00 – Timing System Maintenance
    4:58:20 – Racing Resumes

    4:59:20 – Director – "Chad, zoom and check focus on the far end,.. nah, over on the wall, yeah, that's it!"

    5:04:20 – BIKES! (First passes)
    5:06:20 – Bike in left lane avoiding debris blowing across track.
    5:09:50 – S*!tbox of Doom
    5:19:10 – LSA Volvo
    5:32:30 – Jason Pickett Hearse and Nightmare Mustang
    5:48:45 – 1320 Video Audi R8
    6:16:40 – 1JZ 4-Runner
    6:37:55 – Chad making update on the day. Dennis & Alex Taylor mention – Watch for Chad's face,.. and that's not a MoPar thing 😉
    6:51:35 – LSA Volvo
    6:53:40 – Chillin' with Chet Viper
    6:59:50 – Chad updating about a competitors new look.
    7:01:50 – Bikes second session.
    7:07:30 – Track Prep Begins before fast classes.
    7:31:25 – Chad's back after the Sponsor pieces with update on the track prep and conditions.

    7:34:20 – Chads message on the RPM Act, and why the etiquette for Chat.
    7:39:40 – Racing Resumes
    7:40:50 – Tom McGilton Camaro
    7:43:00 – Tom, Blaine, and the 55 Wagon.
    7:45:25 – Cleetus in Mullet and James in Ruby
    7:47:00 – IED RX7 vs C2
    7:53:30 – Racing Resumes
    8:01:50 – Nightmare Mustang and Dougie Fresh Nova
    8:03:50 – Horsepower Wars S10
    8:07:35 – WTH is it, but it's back.
    8:12:15 – Maliboom
    8:17:15 – S*!tbox of Doom
    8:18:10 – Last Run
    8:20:40 – Chad Wraps Up.

  2. Thanks to Bang shift for getting the video out all day & night…. Keep up the good work…. Production of a event is a nightmare at best…. 💪👍

  3. I sat for 4 hours and watched the boring race of my life ,announcer should be fired all he talked about was its family no announcing who the drivers were and where they were found ,Camara guy needs fired also.and where was Alex Taylor no show?

  4. Awesome track congratulations guys, and thanks to everyone for bringing this to us live, I’m sitting here in Montana enjoying every run.

  5. Last I checked you cant go to a dealer and buy a "street car" with a tube chassis, twin turbos, blowers, nos, wheelie bars etc, not even on the option menu, you get my drift. where are the air bags, all the crash testing. just cuz you put headlights, taillights and a horn doesnt make it a street car. Most of them are race cars with all that stuff added. So quit trying to sugar coat it.

  6. I know there's always kinks to work out with these types of events, but I'm beggin' ya, please get the camera angles on track! I mean, this is sponsored by 1320 video. Surely the cameras can be dialed in. 
    1) Starting line 2) pan down the track for each run 3) zoom in on the e.t. boards so they're legible as the cars cross the line, then back to the starting line. Easy-peasy.
    If the announcer's gonna chit-chat most of the time and not tell us what the cars run (which is fine), we need solid video or this is a bit too hard for us fans that can't be there to watch.
    But thanks to BangShift and team for bringing us the footage!

  7. We heard the announcer say this year they're handing out 'run tickets' to some classes. They're limited to 3 passes only. That's a good thing IMHO. It gives more people chances at more passes who in previous years could not get to the track, others 'hogged' the lanes,, now they cannot do that which is a good thing for EVERYBODY.

  8. @48:45 the old 30's something sedan is too cool and we could see it's a shifter car. Hope we get to learn more about that car as the week unfolds. Perhaps it's been in other RMRW's but I don't remember seeing it before.

  9. Love it man thank you for shooting all this I only live a couple hours away so I hope I am in great bend on the 18th when you guys show back up to great bend and thank you to the supporters thank you thank you

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