Rivian R1T vs EVerything | Drag Race!

The team at Out of Spec Studios rounds up a whole bunch of EVs to drag race against the Rivian R1T! The competition consists of:
Audi e-tron
MINI Cooper SE
Hyundai IONIQ 5 AWD
Tesla Model 3 Performance
Kia EV6 Wind AWD
Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance
Tesla Model S Plaid
BMW i3
Tesla Model Y Dual Motor
Smart electric drive
Nissan Leaf SL Plus 62kWh
Mercedes B250e
Chevy Bolt EV
Volkswagen ID.4 AWD

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  1. What an unexpected ending!! Btw the last race has nothing to do with the Rivian limiting power, it’s opponent is just that fast. 🚙💨

  2. Hey @OutOfSpec Reviews – First, thanks for creating this great review video. However, I can't believe you called Nissan Leaf the grandfather of EV's when you left out the Toyota Prius ! the true grandfather of all EV's. While I don't expect the Prius to win any speed competition. It's long term reliability is among the best. Can't believe you left it out of this review

  3. It was funny how the Tesla Plaid driver had and extra person in the car, and still smoked the Rivian, you know you're in the better car when you have passengers along for the win

  4. Sorry Trackhawk ran ubder 9sec in NHRA Track.
    *Hemi owns the streets
    PS you totally IGNORED Dodge Hemi motors
    *7.0l Hemi
    Demon has gapped 1000hp awd Bugatti

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