Ride In-car with Dean Marinis / Harry Pappas Team as they make their First Passes in their new Engine Combo a 959CI Musi Motor!

Intro Created by Charles Silver, Contact him for Your Intro/Logo Work: Charles Silver charleshsilver@gmail.com

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  1. I respect how fast the cars are these days. But, come on man. Nobody even shifts or pulls there own parachute anymore! I drove a nitrous pro mod car from 1996-2005. Had a lever shifted Lenco and manual parachute lever. Ran 6.60 in the 1/4 at 210 and 4.20 at 175 in the 1/8 back then. I at least felt like I was driving a racecar!

  2. Basically you just turn the wheel back and forth, like Warren Johnson said about Nitro funny cars, even a monkey could drive it or Ray charles! That is not the racing that I remember, too many computers too much automated stuff basically what is the fun or pleasure of even driving one if all you do is push a button floor the throttle and steer it I know progress advances things makes things better, but how is that better? I say take all that crap out put in a four-speed lanco with shift levers and a tachometer and an oil pressure gauge, and make these people into drivers again

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