1. @8:20, I really do NOT appreciate you rippin on the slow pokes like this. Just let it be, let it run, call the time and call it a day. I get it, we all get it, but leave the guy/car alone, yeah?

  2. Thanks Brian and David with everything you guys do for the hot rodding community. Also it was great meeting and talking to you guys. Very humbled that you remembered my story. Drag week has been a dream week for me

  3. Number of times wheelstanding 1jz forerunner lined up: 3
    Number of times announcers hyped up the wheelstanding 1jz forerunner: 3
    Number of wheelstands hung out by 1jz forerunner: 2 (but we'll never know for sure)
    Number of times the camera crew actually filmed the 1jz forerunner doing a wheelstand: 0

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