1. David should come to Oz. We had a TV show called Kingswood Country.
    Holdens had the Kingswood for mid spec cars from 68 through to 80.
    We got some Chev hearses also which were Kingswood also.

  2. You turned down a Gasser, you should tell that Civic, Supra, Integra: Get the fak outa here! too. They ruin the purity of American Muscle with awful, unbareable sounds & looks like garbage

  3. Wow, this is really something else! I just found out yesterday when at the local RoFo in Md., and all of a sudden here comes all these fantastic cars pulling in with little trailers behind them! Thanks to Dallas for letting me check out his beautiful '71 Super Bee!! Him and his wife were the nicest people! Told me all about this event. Good luck to Dallas at Bud's Creek today!!

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