1. Love the RoadKill MGB V8—-My MGB V8 is what yours should grow up to be (custom frame& suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes, 4-link&8.8 Ford, SBC(easily double your power), 4-speed—BIG FUN!

  2. Saugus speedway north of the san fernando valley was closed due to unsafe grand stands. The owner actually made a very poor public statement saying they were unsafe. Which set a perfect case for a law suite if someone got hurt. They always held swap meets on Sunday. It was closed in the mid 90's to be a condo complex but the deal fell through.
    Saugus was paved in the 60's and had no banking.
    I worked in the early 70's for California engine and supply . The Agajanian's (who built and owned ascot speedway) originally made there money in pig farming. they would contact grocery stores and produce markets and haul there expired produce to feed the pigs. They later became (banker's) and were the real owners of California engine and supply. I drove the red 56 chevy dump truck that built ascot speedway to the scrap yard full of piston pins with the front wheels barley touching the ground! also did not take the band brake off and stopped in the middle of the highway to put out the fire with my shirt. And more LOL The good old days?
    Ascot speedway was closed due to developers wanting to build condos and the deal fell trough also HAH! fremont raceway was closed for the same reason then the developers found it was so contaminated they could not build. (Karma) Stocton 99 closed for the same reason and was disassembled then when the developers deal fell through a new owner re assembled the stands and it is still running.

  3. Lohnes: So the 6.1l is a 371inch motor???
    Freiburger: That requires a metric conversion that's beyond me.
    inches/yards etc is already converted from and defined by metric. So you're already using metric units you just don't know it.

  4. I really wish you guys had the free time to check out the abndoned road course in Upper Marlboro MD of route 301, just 30-40 minutes north of MIR and the abandoned Aquasco raceway about 30 minutes form MIR. Aquasco was owned by the same group which owned Capitol Rceway and Cecil back in the day. Many famous altereds, and fuel rails set records there back in the day. They were also the folks who invented the "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" radio ads way back when. Another abandoned track in the area is the old 75-80 Dragway near Frederick Md. Most people will recognize it form the test clips on Motorweek.

  5. I wouldnt have changed the rules for the tesla. To me it is the anti hot rod. Born out of disdain for the combustion engine powered by evil gasoline. Maybe they can have their own version of drag week? Other than that i absolutely love this stuff! Nice work once again all involved! All that said i want that red cougar!

  6. just watched your Roadkill drag week special…..that was hands down the best Roadkill episode ive seen…and ive seen them all, from the very beginning. good work guys @roadkill

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