Reaper SS vs Chuck 55 in Idaho!!

Street Outlaws live event no prep kings rolled into Idaho for their points race. This race we filmed Chuck 55 who races the blown 55 in the video against a 405 racer Reaper SS. Both of these racers have had their fair share of ups and downs all season. First up is Chuck 55 who debuted a new 55 with upgrades to it to try to reach the top spot this season. But, with a brand new car and new combination Chuck has struggled to reach the top spot all season long with new car blues. In the other lane we have reaper ss who has done an amazing come back after a horrific fire destroyed two of his cars last season. Its amazing to see reaper still lining up his car after such a bad year. There is no quit in reaper as he tries to lined his car out along side chuck 55. Check out these two great racers do battle and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platoforms at:


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  1. This deal has lost everything that once appealed and interested a og race enthusiast.Nice cars,but where is the no prep aspect?3000+ hp blower hemis launching with wot?In order to create some interest,they mess up the rules.Well,I am glad it s not my headache but lack of interest shows in empty stands.Only due contract obligations we see them on tv.They are trying to generate interest in all kinds of even worse "back to true street racing" spin offs.

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