Reaper SS New No Prep Kings Turbo Setup!!

Street Outlaw racer Reaper SS has always raced on the street for the oklahoma top ten list but this race setup is different. This setup is different from his street setups because the competition is faster and Reaper believes this new setup is more reliable and faster. The new setup is a twin turbo setup that foregoes the procharger setup he had. We caught up with Reaper SS testing his new setup at thunder valley in noble, Oklahoma. Reaper also talks about the rules at the no prep kings races. Reaper also talks about his nova that is procharged. The nova is a street car that he races and talks about the future plans of the car. Reaper is someone who does not quit and trying new things is something he is not afraid to try. Check out the video and see the all new setup and for more n oprep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Man, ole James is all over the place. First he’s N20, then he’s pro charged, and now he’s twin turbo. I hope he finds the winning edge, I can’t help but like the guy.

  2. I have to agree with James, but I can say it without repercussions, pro chargers break so often that the dominant team is saving parts and money by laying down until he needs to run his sh*t hard again!

  3. That quick driveway paint job is going to cost him a small fortune. Ever notice he's by himself most of the time. He may be hard to work with. He's always putting too much power in it off the line. I hope he gets it all figured out. I'd love to see him winning

  4. I like how Reaper at the 4:00 minute mark told mike to move and get out of the way when they put the car on the two step because the two step could malfunction and the car could take off and run over Mike…. props to Reaper for that some people just don't know.

  5. It's tv ryan can win all races if his car is running good all weekend. He has the team, the sponsors, and with that he can out test everyone. If Ryan keeps winning people stop coming.

  6. I swear Reaper was making a pass when he did that 1st burnout!🤣 ol 1/8 mile burnout pass Reaper.. I love the way the car sits though. And the paint job!! The way the dirt and bugs in it glistens in the sun!! Looks good….

  7. I understand that turbo cars don’t make as much downforce from the exhaust but I don’t understand why he has it facing downwards unlike most of the turbo guys that face them upwards or rearwards, the way he has it would hinder keeping the front end down

  8. He switched to a twin turbo setup because he was braking parts with the old setup .
    He's most likely making more power with the new setup and by making more power he isn't going to be braking parts ??….??
    Ok whatever !
    And this is what kinda person Reaper is .
    Last month he was bragging how he put Jerry Bird in his place .
    Then he went on to say . He dug his finger into Jerry's new paint job and Jerry didn't do anything
    Now a month later he's happy for Jerry Bird .
    I met alot of people like Reaper and I stayed as far away from them as I could .
    Because Reaper is the kinda guys that will smile to your face. However he's plotting against you behind your back .
    When was the last time Reaper won anything that had to do with racing ?????
    The reason he was let back on the show is because he's not a threat to anybody .

  9. Reaper trys as hard as anyone I can't decide what I like more him back racing or watching him choke doc dam that was funny after they pulled him off doc doc said reaper is lucky they stopped him when they did doc says I was about to kick his ass yep reaper is lucky they saved him from doc

  10. That's it James just chill go with the flow lot of racing politics gos on keep quite and use it on the car and I love the red go reaper I know it's hard without the deep pockets the rest have remember people always like the underdog

  11. I thought all fenders had to be steel and all cars have working headlights ! Reaper is a crybaby allways doesn't like somebody but at least this time he kept his mouth shut.

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