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  1. One has to assume it is about money. The original deal with 405 was with each driver… JJ i'd bet costs pilgrim less and they only have to talk to him. Prob also some kind of group deal where JJ gets paid a senior amount vs every guy in the 405 wanting equal money billing…

  2. Dominator is an automatic lose but if some shit is on the line he transforms to MegaDominator and always comes through on the show lol

  3. Hey sim man that's a damn shame that discovery would pull some stuff like that and put the 405 show with ft and azn so they can push jj's mso show that's just mind boggling them boys are hilarious and made the show. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  4. Ryan beat chief any way he wanted it street/track/ foot race / fight ..
    And ryan is a standup dude on top whereas chief just talked shit about everyone.. when your moral standing is shit people will see through it..

  5. I welcome Farmytruck and Azn as list racers. All the rest of the nonsense belongs on their show, that I don't have to watch. I want to see street racing and cool big and small tire cars. Less drama and more racing.

  6. Watch the video on their YouTube channel. They said they they weren't wanted at race night. What I heard was "Chief didn't want us there" just verification of what Reaper said about Chief.

  7. It wasn't the producers that didn't want them there! Do you think discovery would have given them their own show if they didn't want them on SO? It was CHIEF that didn't want them there. He didn't want Reaper there, he didn't want Andrade there. He wanted his little clique and to hell with everyone else!

  8. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️Chief made farmtruck racemaster. If it was chief that wanted them "pushed out". They would of been gone earlier. Production just wants people to think its chief so the 100,000 plus people that stopped watching because of chief come back! Its a show first, right now farm truck and azn are putting on a show!! Hollywood is known for these antics.

  9. Farm truck and Azn were bearable for a few seasons, I used to fast forward when the scenes they were in were on. Everything they did seem forced and not funny. I was personally glad when they weren’t on the show anymore. The show as a whole though needs to get back to what made them famous, if not the show as a whole is on borrowed time.

  10. I saw Farm Truck & Ann's video…..I felt bad for them, and down right pissed off at the same time. I'M GLAD FARM TRUCK & AZN IS BACK, I always looked forward to seeing them on the show. It wasn't the same as the beginning after they left….I really missed them.

  11. Okay first off all, Chief and Azn were friends before the show ever came around, secondly when anyone out of town had a heavy ole shitbox similar to the Farmtruck Chief always lined up Farm to race with them, thirdly Farmtruck and Azn both came to some of the out of town events and street races as CHEERLEADERS, also Chief had Farm's back and didn't tell him to FUCKOFF when Farm felt some kinda way about the "shark racer" that owed farm money from a job not done 60 years earlier! Farmtruck blocked the street and set on his truck until he got paid, i don't blame him either, Chief as Race Master was asked by the guy " are you really gonna let this clown block the starting line and hold up a night of racing for everyone" Chief replied with "yeah, if Farmtruck feels some kinda way about something ya'll had worked out then you need to go make that right big dog." so if he didn't want them there, and had all the control people say he did, he would have told Farmtruck to get lost. Shawn moved a considerable distance away from where Midwest Street Cars is located from my understanding and didn't want to get up early and stay out late with an over an hour maybe closer to two hour drive each way. Since leaving their garage, be truthful and tell me has any car shawn has improved in any way? OG and new Murder Nova cars have steadily went downhill despit dumping a fortune in them both with all the same shit everyone else is running (mainly everything Ryan Martin's Team) and he couldn't buy a win in 405, week after week dropped spots in AL season 2, lol NPK that's hilarious, and then makes all the wrong decisions and showsv up with a donk on a hard tire so that he has all the excuses for why he wasn't competitive in endgame! So, if Chief was the glue that held the Murder Nova up near the top of the field, wouldn't you expect the driver and owner of those cars to put forth the effort so that you don't feel used and unappreciated for all the time you spent making his shit that he can't keep at that level himself? Can't say Shawn did his own work on the car and made it that fast because it ain't that now, now that it's just him and his wasted paycheck of an employee Phantom working on all their shit.

  12. Street Outlaws is on the way out. Thats why they are trying to bring back Farmtruck and Asian. They are trying anything to recover ratings because the show sucks now. Ryan is pretty much a stand up guy and seems to race whoever and whatever like Cheif but the rest of the 405 are a joke. Dave, Chuck , and othere were so jealous and just wanted to stab people to get to the top and they still suck.Reaper isnt worht mentioning he is a pure joke and couldnt win on the street, the track, npk , or anyhting else. Watched street outlaws since Pinks and I havent watched it since Cheif left. Its not just because Cheif left either , The JJ show always sucked even though I like JJ and think he is a true street racer but the rest arent. Fastest in America was a joke of a show and sucked, NPK i watched the first and a little of the 2nd and couldnt take it anymore cause it sucked. Sad to say but the show is going out. People would rather watch Limpy and even SRC and Midwest than any of that crap.

  13. I think Chief is the poison of the show. Seems like he wanted it to be his way only and people got tired of it. I’m sure he would deny it, but how many of the 405 have anything to do with him since he “left”? You never see anything posted of any of the OG show racers supporting him in any way or him supporting any of them. So it definitely seems that he was the problem.

  14. I can't stand Farmtruck and Azn. The show is about being the fastest not about someone doing stupid shit. The show started with we are the fastest on the street. If it was a show just about racing is something else. Look at all of the other racers who started on the show that have been kicked off. If it was just about someone racing I guess I should start a racing show with my Ford Escape with a stock 4 cylinder as the #1 car. The show is about going fast so they don't belong on the show!

  15. I've watched every single episode of that show up until the last season or two .since everybody wants to act so "real" and be "street Outlaws" but nobody can come out and tell the truth on one subject or another. What's the point of watching them?
    Bunch of sellouts for nickels. Good on farm truck and Asian for staying true, and look what happened they got a whole show out of it and they brought them back. People don't want your fake phony bullshit. just call it how it is, and who cares if your opinion offends somebody. I thought you were Outlaws?

  16. I enjoyed watching Farmtruck and Azn when they were getting 5 minutes of air time, but I just couldn’t watch their new show at all, just wasn’t my cup of tea. I really liked when they would just get a scene where they were racing someone unknown out in the street for $$$ in the earlier seasons.

  17. All I see from you is covering for your boy Chief, let me ask you this, Have you seen any of the 405 at Chiefs shop, have you seen chief go to any of the other members of the 405s shop, many of the other members of the 405 visits each other's shop and vice versa, Chief is never around nor have any of them been at his shop, That alone should tell you something.

  18. Chief fans refuse to except he turned into a diva! This proves what others have said! If it was the producers why would Ryan and Shawn be allowed to ask farmtruck and azn be allowed to rejoin the show?

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