Reacting to Big Chiefs Future with Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 327

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  1. If it wasn't for Big chief there probably wouldn't be in racing as it is today i mean if it's wasn't for him who is KK WHO IS FIRE BALL WHO IS JJ THE BOSS THEY WOULDN'T BE ANYONE IF THE CROW DIDN'T STARTED THIS now before u say anything sit back and think about it BIG CHIEF made the show what it is today and dont get me wrong i like all the 405 i have been a fan from day one but murder nova he is so lost he doesn't no what he doing he asking other races hey is this right what would u do all its alot on me will how do u think big chief felt doing all by himself and not one time not once in 10 years have u heard him say all i dont no if i can do this or not because HE THE MAN AND HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING AND PLEASE COME BACK THE SHOW ISN'T THE SAME WITHOUT U even the other races said do u think he knows what he doing and how to do it talking about murder nova and it was Johnny and a few others but anyways come back CROW U THE MAN

  2. Cheifs been a problem on the show for a while you guys think Sean ended a life long friendship for no reason your dense. Cheif has been a big drama queen since the beginning always doing shady shit to make sure this person was on the list or this person is off.

  3. Sim how can u take up FOR BIG CHIEF how can u take up for someone who puts his FAN'S do u still live with yo mom or live in moms basement really what a piece of shit do u really think all it was a fight over the rules cause a lot of the other guy's racing didn't like that RULE and Sim not too long ago you was defending the CHASE IS A RACE now o chief did it for us dude u are like the wind u go ever witch way I stand for what I believe in what's right u really need too get your facts straight

  4. It's time for chief to step away he's had his run and that's it he's too much of a drama queen to begin with and I know this because I talked to three of the guys from the show that I have on Instagram and on messenger and some interesting conversations. They're ready for chief to be gone and stay gone and so am I you know it's just time to move on and that's really all there is to it. Maybe if Chief's balls get big enough he'll come out and try to you know smash some of these guys and no prep Kings but I doubt that he will.

  5. 🤔for anyone who wants to hear some Real Shit about whats going on with Petty Cheif then go watch what James says on his YouTube channel👉🏻Street Outlaws Reaper SS

  6. The self centred douche couldn't get his own way so took his ball and went home thinking they would come crying to get him back 🤣🤣

    Nobody wants that primadonna there anyway. His so called mates are better off without him. It's good seeing Murder Nova emerging out of his shadow as a much nicer personality.

  7. So Sim have you watched Reapers video that just dropped with him talking about what he knows about what happened with Big Chief and everything that supposedly went on down there in TX and also supposedly what’s been goin on as a whole. Lots of info there and a whole lot to come out I do believe. What’s your thoughts on this and can you possibly make a video on this. Because I believe this is what will be the future of the 405 and also with NPK. BIG FUTURE AHEAD NOW! Watch!!! WoW! Just WOW!!!

  8. "Big chief left for us" lol, come on…Everything you're saying is contradicted by the fact that literally every racer, including the rest of the 405 seems pretty damn happy about chief being gone. I think he was disliked by the majority of the 405.

  9. I feel like some of the racers they had on the race your way in shouldn’t be on there. I can think of a few racers that would be better in that list. Larry Larson, Robin Robert’s, Denis Bailey to name a few

  10. Right MSO had too many cars And most them lost lol cause that’s the only way they can win. And your correct everyone was against chase is a race !! It’s about who’s fastest

  11. Why is the 405 the only crew that’s racing there own teammates to get on America’s list 🤔 And chief is the one who made the idea for America’s list.

  12. Chief is phony as fk. I used to love this show until I saw how blatantly Chief ducked Kye Kelly and this was back in like season 3 or so. After cash days when Chief finally snuck a win over him he refused to face off with New Orleans again. Chief is a premadonna and y'all fan boys only prop up his fragile fkn ego.

  13. So if the argument is about chase is a race why put murder nova in and not JJ if the show over road chief I think they would have lost a lot of fans a lot of people don’t like the mso just saying

  14. Fame went to his head he thought he is what mattered not the races go watch reapers channel and listen to the real reason chief isn’t on tv anymore

  15. Chelsea's inexperience was enough to remove her from competition in this race of the best in the country. 405 had several other racers that qualified.

  16. No one cares what happens to chief ,there's plenty of great racers.Reaper tells the truth about chief and how he feels about fans,also the 405 is fed up with him being late to shoot the show on race night ,when big chief asked the 405 to show up on small tire and come race night chief didn't show up on small tires back stab everyone that did, holding the 405 back and not taking out of town races

  17. Bro we know u a chief fan and that yo boy and u not going to go against him but in the driver meeting on the 2nd eps shawn said this is no longer going to be about one person wonder how he was talking bout

  18. Sim, Just starting watching you, good job. I live in a TV repressed country (dont get me wrong i'll die for it if needed) but we get sweet FA new stuff so what you do is great.
    My question on the America List 2 show is why the rest of the 405 are showing such disrespect to Big Chief, I understand this is how they get a payday but I would have packed up with him and gone home or TELL the producers that the subject will be discussed on the after hours stuff.
    The producers are week arsed film nerd, the racers are STREET OUTLAWS they need to show it.
    Im sorry to sat it people are going to hate on me but Fuck Murder Nova, he is so happy that Big Chief is not there, and that he is a big man on the street, if only he could race his way up, but that was a lot of yesterdays ago.
    its just imho

  19. Some of it sounds to me that production had taken it over and alot of it is scripted now being chief said nobody was gonna tell him how to race where he gonna race and who he's gonna race I don't what all is on but it's rough

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