RC drag car – Team Associated DR10 drag car unboxing and test – no prep drag racing

RC drag car Team Associated DR10 drag car unboxing and test

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The Team Associated DR10 is awesome when it comes to RTR out of the box rc drag racing. No prep rc drag racing has become very popular and this Ready to Run car makes it real easy to get into the hobby.

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RC drag car Team Associated DR10 drag car unboxing and test


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  1. so is this just for specific classes? because I'd rather just take my rustler 4×4 with street slicks all around with a castle creations 5400kv. does wheelies from a dig with still being able to spin all the tires if I want. lol

  2. it looks like the original RC10 molded in plastic with some small changes. Guess ill have to pull out my original rc10 from 1980 something and put the drag wheels on it!

  3. Next time you want more traction put some sugary drink (we used to use the cheap 2 liter sodas) in a spray bottle, spray your launch area, and let it dry. Less liquid than a spilled soda but great traction.

  4. You HAVE to run 3S with this dragger. This car as it sits is not fast at all. I own several bashers that are not set up to drag race at all that will put this thing on the trailer. Please make a video with 3S and maybe different gearing on a warmer day. That will make a huge difference.

  5. Thanks for a great review 🤘 10/10
    Have had this one in a cart for quite a while and keep ordering something else.. I just can't seem to pull the trigger on this one yet 🤔

  6. that was an awesome presentation – better than the guys at team A, lol and that car is a great starter for anyone who wants to try out drag racing without breaking the bank to hard , cheers and thanks for a great Video

  7. 70025 doesn't translate to seven hundred and twenty five. It is actually seventy thousand twenty five. There are not ands in numbers. That's like saying 25 is twenty and five. So distracting.

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