Radical Race Truck: Chevy C10R – /BIG MUSCLE

Proof that with the right engineering and work, any vehicle can go fast. Even a truck.


  1. Pause at 3:35 . See those master cylinders?? I am wondering if I can get aftermarket clutch and brake pedals from Wilwood to make them work on my 2003 Sierra. I am absolutely sick and tired of the POS clutch components GM offered in the manual versions of these trucks. Anyone who can give me insight is greatly appreciated, I can't find much in the way of installation guides for this kind of upgrade lol

  2. that's is a bad a$$ truck I had a chance to build a 84 c10 &was gonna bring it to the drag track &make it street worthy also long story short it costed more tickets than I could handle so I ended up not getting my dream ride done

  3. Go watch Jay Lenno's C-10 resto mod muchhhhhh better styling. The second this dude said a stock C-10 drives like a zamboni i was out. 67-72 trailing arm set up would argue other wise.

  4. Idk where she lives that kids don’t love cars, literally everyone I know at least loves to race their street car, lots of people just don’t have the budget to have a dedicated track car

  5. A truck is a truck, why would you do this?,It’s like John Wayne and Han lue had a baby, Pro-Choice, nice try though for the effort , 2 lawnmowers out of 10😬

  6. Really hate the rear wing. Just an idea , Never seen this before , but it's been in my head for a while. The tailgate looks normal when parked. But at 50 mph , like the Porsche's active spoiler , the tailgate hinged at the top , not the bottom , swings out and up into a spoiler. Somebody please do this.

  7. I bought a c10 5 years ago because of this truck, I wanted to build a race truck just like it and I'm happy to say I just ordered my wheels for it and it will be on the road!

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