Racing the World's Fastest Sedans: Tesla Plaid, Lucid Air, E39 M5 — Drag Race Replay w Jason Cammisa

Episode 2 of Cammisa’s Ultimate Drag Race Replay features today’s two quickest accelerating sedans, the 1020-hp Tesla Model S Plaid and the 1111-hp Lucid Air Dream Edition.

But to put their performance into perspective, we use a known benchmark from 20 years ago: the E39-chassis BMW M5. With a 400-hp, 4.9-liter V-8, the E39 was the quickest sedan in the world when it debuted in 2000.

For this drag race, it gets a highway-speed head start: it begins the drag race at 70 mph. Will the Tesla and Lucid catch up within a quarter-mile?

And finally, what about a skydiver? Max Splatterson — a fictional, computer-generated skydiver — begins his race exactly one quarter mile above the finish line. He and the two electric sedans start at exactly the same time. His position during the fall is calculated using math and physics; the cars’ positions are thanks to sheer horsepower.

(And a couple other things, like tire grip. And suspension. And aero drag. Whatever. They’re really racing.)


Cammisa’s Ultimate Drag Race Rewind is a new take on the drag-race video. Shot using multiple angles, it aims to show the race from the perspective of the drivers. And then, Jason does a walkback from the winning car to the losing car, explaining exactly what happened.

The finishing results are determined using industry-standard instrumented testing with a Racelogic VBox and weather-corrected to J1348 standards.


0:00 Introduction – Tesla Model S Plaid vs Lucid Air Dream and E39 M5
1:27 The BMW M5 as the world’s quickest sedan
1:55 Drag Race: E39 M5 riat 70 mph, Tesla Plaid and Lucid Air Standing Start
2:27 The Drag Race Replay: Tesla Model S Plaid
2:46 The Drag Race Replay: BMW E39 M5 70-mph head start
3:07 E39 M5 speeds past a cop car, gets caught in less than 1/4 mile
3:41 The Lucid Air destroys a Porsche Taycan Turbo S through the 1/4 mile
4:57 Drag Race 2 – Tesla vs Lucid vs Gravity
5:46 Fatal Injury — Max Splatterson wasn’t hurt
6:06 Drag Race Replay Leaderboard


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  1. I’m used to channels like Carwow when watching drag races, but even they could take a note from you guys on the sheer production creativity you guys masterfully put together here

  2. The Tesla is too common, so I'd get the Lucid, but only if I could slap a Magnaflow on it. Otherwise I'd settle for the M5 if I did not have my current machine. (click on icon)

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