Racers STRUGGLE to Control 700 HP Street Tire Motorcycles!

These fearless Pro Street motorcycle drag racers do their very best to control turbo Hayabusa and GSXR 1000 street tire drag bikes as they hit top speed at NHRA’s South Georgia Motorsports Park, at the Man Cup Finals in the Pro Street, Real Street and Pro Fuel categories. Enjoy the unmistakeable turbo Hayabusa and GSXR 1000 acceleration and sound as these drga rcers look to avoid fails. As You will see from the great finish line view, controlling a 700 HP turbo motorcycles at nearly 230 mph is a lot more difficult than it looks. Enjoy this epic show of motorcycle speed.

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  1. Jack you killed the commentary buddy and a full video of 650+hp bikes is always a win in my book! One guy putting down a 7.59 is ABSOLUTELY NUTS!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Good to hear G Bryce voice, I use to talk to him on YellowBullet now and again in the days of "We are "H Davidson and we bought the NHRA rulebook so we could win" LOL

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